Geoff Shackelford Has Best Readers on the Internet, Present Company Excepted

Geoff Shackelford posted an entry on Golf Channel’s “relaxed rules” thing.  As anyone who plays much knows, people already play by those rules in casual rounds, so I don’t really get what GC’s point is, but, hey, they gotta fill up two hours of Morning Drive somehow.

Anyway, I was reading through the comments to see if people had the same reaction as me, and most of them did.  But one or two guys were total a-holes, saying it isn’t real golf if you don’t play by strict rules, blah blah blah.  As if they were playing for entry into the U.S. Open instead of after-round beers.  They seemed incapable of distinguishing between playing a casual round and playing a serious tournament (which, by the way, many golfers never even do).  One in particular was apoplectic that someone might beat his score by playing relaxed rules while he played Sunday at Augusta rules.  I don’t think the guy ever realized how petty he was being.  Someone beats his score, and it’s all, “He cheated! He cheated!”  Who cares?  If you’re playing Q-School, fine, complain.  If you’re playing your local muni or club, just shut up.

Well, the happy ending is the other commenters took the jerks to task, politely and logically.  I literally feel better about humanity having read that thread.

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