Golf Hangover

Golf Hangover: Even though the FedEx Cup events and the Ryder Cup can be quite interesting, most agree the true golf year starts with Augusta and ends with the PGA Championship.  In recent years, I made the case that the year began with the Match Play in Tucson, but now that they’ve moved it and changed the format, who knows.  I have also sometimes, logically, considered the first event in January  as the start, and I still do, to some extent, but, well… I’m really starting to ramble…

My point is that there seems to be a 48-week golf season now, and I don’t think that’s a good thing.  So, for me, if the PGA Championship doesn’t mark the end of the golf season, it at least marks the beginning of football season, and I’m ready for a break.

That said, I have accumulated numerous ideas for serious golf articles this year, and now I finally have the time to write them.  And to proofread them, if the mood should strike me.  Also, our annual Golden (Medal) Bear update is coming soon.  Stay tuned.

Beware of Darkness: I wasn’t happy with how nightfall interfered with the ending of the PGA Championship, but then the guy I was for won, so how irate can I get?  Regardless, if anyone was hurt, a valid case can be made that it was Rory, in that he had to rush. And he didn’t get to watch Mickelson and Fowler hit their approaches before he used driver to tee off. As well, it was a bit ironic that Rory had to finish in the dark after waiting a minute or five on ever shot all day long. The PGA and CBS were hellbent on a late finish, so they didn’t move the start times up Sunday morning. And it worked out great for them: CBS got their runover into prime time, and the darkness only added to “casual golf fan” interest.  If they affected the outcome of one of golf’s four cornerstone events, so be it.  They have cash registers to ring, doncha know.

Overlooked I: Rory jumped over Jimmy Walker to take the lead in the FedEx Cup standings. Walker had led the entire year, something that obviously irked the golf media.

Overlooked II: Rory all but cemented Player of the Year honors.

Irish Times: The Irish Times posted a nice article containing some Nicklaus comments made after Rory’s win. The Irish newspapers are some of the best places to get original, substantive information on Rory. I guess that’s no surprise, but, man, these days the US golf media repeat each other so much. You see the same damn stories at every website, and they aren’t even about anything that matters.

Morning Drivel: Rex Hoggard had this pearl of wisdom this morning, referring to Sunday’s finish: “That’s as good as it gets — without Tiger Woods” Because, golly gee, because, because, because, the golf media has hyped Woods for fifteen years and to abandon him now would be an admission of how silly they acted. So, instead, they continue to act silly.

Dan Patrick 1: I caught a little of Dan Patrick’s show this morning, and he had several interesting nuggets. He called the Ryder Cup a “made-for-TV event” and hinted at — saying “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” — pressure on Tom Watson to pick Woods. He then said the sports media is “still living off the fumes” of the nonstop Tiger coverage of the past.

Dan Patrick 2: Patrick also mentioned this FiveThirtyEight article, Rory McIlroy Could Be A Bigger Threat To Jack Nicklaus Than Tiger Woods.” An interesting piece, even if it is stating the obvious at this point.

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5 Responses to Golf Hangover

  1. Tom Cooke says:

    Great overview! I agree with you across the board. Many of us share exactly the same “positioning” you tabled on the results of this most recent PGA Tourney, as well as the length of the season, etc. Well done, well said.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you really broke down what made the crowd and media SO embrace the ‘Tiger Eldrick Woods’ era….It’s more rigged than most people think—beyond the box score…
    1…..Color of skin: The most important reason IMO…Anytime you rewatch the 1997 Masters or before, you would ALWAYS hear about how he would be the first ‘black’ ect, ect, ect….The media turned this into a skin color thing..Even Nike had Woods state in it’s own commercials, about how Tiger still wasn’t able to get on certain courses—which was a lie…..
    2…..Jack’s record: Jack himself stated that majors and reaching a certain number were never really brought up or cared about, until Woods stated he wanted to break Jack’s record….Jack has said had he had a number to shoot for, he thinks he could have won a few more….The media has obsessed over this, as we know, but now they are starting to do backtracking, which is funny..
    3…..The name: The 2nd most important reason IMO…I’ve said it before, but if Eldrick Woods was the name he used as a golfer, then his marketability and fascination would have been about half of what it became……All this ‘prowling’ and ‘lurking’ nonsense was animal related, yet they just loved to connect the player with the animal…..Ofcourse Eldrick just sounds geeky, so good choice.
    4…..Youth: Even the Bible states that generations come and go, and that the next generations have NO remembrance of the one before it(Love to read Ecclesiastes)……..We heard way too much how golf was INVENTED about 17 years ago, to know that many analysts and media and fans are really, really DUMB….Jack was young too, but I guess that was too long ago to remember….
    5…..Nike: You have to give credit in how Nike marketed there players like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods….Spending over $100 million in advertising to make sure folks got pounded home the message they wanted us to know….This ofcourse affected the media and fans(without them even knowing it)….. Now how will they handle their Rory?

  3. Brian Penn says:

    Lanny, great summary. If you’re a little burned out after 48, what are you going to do in 2016 when Olympic golf pushes back the PGA by a month? Right now they’re in the same calendar window and I actually have no idea what the tour will do. But I’ll go on the record and hope that Olympic golf, with its worthless over-hyped non potential, goes the way of Olympic baseball. Thanks,


    • lannyh says:

      Thanks, Brian. I agree with you regarding the Olympics. I think it’s unfair to the sports whose ultimate competition is the Olympics (swimming, gymnastics, etc.) to have to compete with the NBA players and golf and tennis and the like, whose ultimate competitions are elsewhere.

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