Sunday Thoughts, PGA Championship (running post)

8:30 am Update

Prop Bet: Which will be higher, the number of kids in the gallery wearing orange, or the number of times the Hall of Fame watch commercial will be played?

Feherty One: I am not David Feherty’s biggest fan, but my opinion of him went up a lot when he waded across the creek to look for Jason Day’s ball. That’s what you do in golf: if you think you know where somebody’s ball went, you help them find it.

Feherty Two:  Feherty, appearing on Morning Drive, said Rory could be the Best Ever and had the potential to win 15 or 20 majors. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee, Tiger Woods.

Out of the Pack:  I’m going with Jamie Donaldson to be the unexpected guy to go low early and raise some eyebrows.  He’s T-10, so maybe he’s too close to the lead to be a “pack” player, but I don’t think I heard his name mentioned more than once or twice last night.

Kelly Tigerman:  Speaking of mentioning names…  Golf Channel’s Live From came on at 8:00 am.  Kelly Tilghman started her introduction.  I laughed to myself and wondered how long she would go before mentioning Tiger Woods.  I had my answer 35 seconds later.  In fact, between Kelly and one of her fellow hosts, they mentioned Tiger Woods seven times in the first five minutes.  Because Woods is sooooo relevant to the final round of this event.

Big Days, Too:  There are some guys playing this Sunday who are well out of contention, but nevertheless having confidence-boosting outings.  A couple of players that jump out at me are Billy Horschel (T-23) and Brian Harman (T-32).  With solid finishes Sunday, they can take away a lot of positives from good showings in the world’s strongest golf tournament.

6:30 am Update

Weather:  The weatherman in Louisville didn’t deliver the good news I thought we were going to get for Sunday.  The hour-by-hour forecast shows about a 50% chance of rain/storms every hour all day long.

$45,000 Golf Ball:  Well, the auction is over.  Rory’s British Open ball went for $45,241.

Morning Drivel:  Are these guys purposefully annoying and inane?  Gary Williams tells us right off the bat that the overriding story of the day is whether Rory can win four majors.  Really, that overrides everything else?  It’s one of the stories, definitely, but since when is Mickelson in the next-to-last group not a story?  For years, Mickelson has been the only golfer they routinely covered other than Tiger Woods, and now they push him aside?  Then there’s Rickie Fowler: Rickie Fowler going for his first major isn’t a big deal?  What about Jason Day, who won the WGC Match Play this year and has battled injuries ever since.  Look, I’m all about Rory McIlroy winning today, but that doesn’t mean everyone is, nor does it mean the other stories don’t matter.  Every golfer in the field has a story.

But, alas, is it really so difficult to see it’s just another case of Golf Channel pushing their Tiger Woods narrative?  A clue: they keep saying, “If Rory wins, will that mean the mantle has been passed from Tiger to Rory?  Will Rory become the top man in golf?”  Like that hasn’t already happened.

Of course, if Rory wins his 4th major, it’s inevitable that Golf Channel/CBS will put up graphics attempting to show that, somehow or other, Rory’s accomplishments fall far short of the almighty Tiger Woods.  And rest assured, if Rory were to win by birdieing every hole, that wouldn’t cause the golf media to abandon their All Tiger All The Time obsession.

However, another Rory major would show more people just how silly and tedious the golf media has become, and that would be a step in the right direction.

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6 Responses to Sunday Thoughts, PGA Championship (running post)

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Hall of Fame commercial will easily double the number kids in orange.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Product placement is ABSURD….Here’s a stat that you would NORMALLY expect to see in this situation: LAST PLAYER TO WIN BACK TO BACK MAJORS…..? Never saw that one shown…Anyone see that one?…..Instead, saw a bunch of STRANGE stats on most major wins since 2004?????? Um why is 2004 so important(ofcourse we know why)….The ONLY stats I saw were to promote their boy….The other rather BIZARRE stat was most wins by owgr #1 since 1986……….It got to PRODUCT PLACEMENT their boy again……It’s sooooooooo clear, when you are NOT talking AT ALL about the last ‘back to back’ major winner, and instead focusing on another golfer……If they showed it in the hour coverage, after the major, I missed it…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, ESPN did the classic duck…Instead of showing the last back to back major champion, which would NOT have been Eldrick…..They chose to show the last back to back major winner at 25 or younger, and that got them to show Eldrick, WITHOUT mentioning the LAST back to back major winner????? It’s more than bizarre, it’s just RIGGED coverage…..NO doubt about it….

    • lannyh says:

      I never once heard that “last to win consecutive majors” factoid until after Rory won. Not once. Seems like it would have been a front-and-center stat.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Congrats, as do I, but like the media, mentioning that name is prohibited apparently….Ofcourse the accomplishment is downplayed anyway….Now we have the last TWO guys that have won back to back majors aren’t who the media would like it to be…..too bad….

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