More Names to Come Out of Biogenesis PED Scandal !!


More later.  Follow T.J. Quinn’s Twitter feed for developments.  Recall that Terez Owens reported a year ago (almost to the day) that Tiger Woods’s name was on the Biogenesis customer list.  Speculating: Could Tiger Woods’s bad back be a setup for a DJ-style non-suspension suspension?

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3 Responses to More Names to Come Out of Biogenesis PED Scandal !!

  1. Anonymous says:

    We are seeing why one PGA golfer said the PGA drug policy was the biggest joke he’d ever seen(paraphrasing)….The fact that the ONLY guy who has been suspended was basically ‘JOE BLOW’, makes you wonder too….Who is the real Tim Finchem and friends? Are they just goin ‘la,di,da’ and really not thinking there is any problem with drugs/ped on tour, OR are they in coverup mode? It makes sense that if Woods’ name is on the biogenesis list, then the gig is up….They could do a baseball approach and say ‘hey everyone was doing peds in the 90’s ect, so all records remain in tact, but going forward, we will watch a bit closer’ type of nonsense…

    • lannyh says:

      I think Finchem desperately wanted Woods to make age 40 — the Hall of Fame minimum — before the other shoe dropped, so they wouldn’t have the Bonds/Sosa/McGwire situation.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just from reading the tweets, it saying no major names, if I understood it correctly……The problem is what is any of these people’s motivation to rat out other players? Perhaps Boesch or however you spell it, could get reduced jail time…The fact that he volunteered to the police is somewhat interesting too, so he has a plan.. I would also think he would have a HEFTY amount of secret funds available to NOT rat others out…..When you are talking about outside forces trying to protect Woods, it wouldn’t surprise me if there are tens of millions of dollars or more, to bribe people like this to keep quiet…..When you consider the crooked networks and corporations are all in on ‘propping up an image’, nothing surprised me anymore….

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