Rorksy 1… Rorksy 2… RORKSY 3 !!!


As you can see, David “Zelig” Feherty makes an appearance in this latest rendition.  These Rorksy displays are a tradition we’ve grown quite fond of:

rorksy2-brorksyThen there’s this:



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14 Responses to Rorksy 1… Rorksy 2… RORKSY 3 !!!

  1. Po Paul says:

    Rory is great talent and he is having an awesome 2014 year, but he’ll need to hold on to the number one spot in the world rankings until year 2026 just to tie Tiger for the number of weeks being ranked number one.

    • lannyh says:

      Well, if Rory wins the Grand Slam, no one will have done that since Bobby Jones, including Jack! And Rors might win 19 majors! There are many roads to the Greatest of All Time, but the best thing about Rory is he just wants to play golf. You can call him what you want. Woods was a great golfer, and so was Jack and a bunch of others, but their days are behind us. Rory’s are ahead of us! Enjoy!

      • Po Paul says:

        Grand Slam? Wait a minute! Tiger and Jack won all four majors, not once, but twice. Tiger is the ONLY golfer in modern history to win 4 consecutive majors (the Tiger Slam). Jack never won more than two in a row. You’re so anxious for someone to replace Tiger, that you’re just conceding events to Rory that have yet to occur. Get real Lanny. Rory has yet to win 5 events in a year so before you’re ready to put him in the class of Tiger or Jack, let him prove it.

      • lannyh says:

        You seriously don’t know the difference between the Grand Slam and a career slam?

        This website isn’t for casual golf fans who need training wheels to discuss golf. Try

    • Po Paul says:

      Another Nicklaus loyalist suggesting that 18 majors is the only record that counts. Yes, it is very important to Tiger, but frankly you’re only making it important because it is the only meaningful record that Jack set that Tiger hasn’t already destroyed.

      Career PGA wins: Tiger – 79; Jack 73
      Career Winning Percentage: Tiger – 27% Jack – 12%
      Career – percent of time finished in the top 2 – Tiger 38%; Jack 31%
      Career – percent of time finished in the top 3 – Tiger 45%; Jack 39%
      Money List Wins – Tiger – 10 times; Jack – 8 times
      Vardon Trophy Titles for Lowest Scoring Avg. on Tour – Tiger – 9 times; Jack – 0 times
      PGA Player of the Year – Tiger – 11 times; Jack – 5 times
      Most PGA wins in a single season: Tiger Woods – 12; Jack – 5
      Most consecutive cuts made: Tiger – 142; Jack – 105
      Consecutive majors won in a row – Tiger 4; Jack – 2
      Seasons with 5+ wins – Tiger 10; Jack – 7
      Seasons with 6+ wins – Tiger – 6; Jack – 2
      Career missed the cut: – Tiger – 18 times; Jack – 82 times
      Percentage of time missing the cut: Tiger – 6%; Jack – 16 %
      Most consecutive years not missing a cut: Tiger – 7; Jack – 5
      Number of weeks ranked World Number 1: Tiger – 683; Jack – NA
      Largest winning margin in the Masters – Tiger – 12strokes
      Largest winning margin in the US Open – Tiger – 15 strokes

      Other Tiger Records:
      First player to win US Open double digits under par
      Youngest player to win the Masters
      Lowest PGA Championship score in relation to par twice
      Lowest 72-hole score in relation to par in British Open history
      Lowest career scoring average in PGA history
      Lowest adjusted and unadjusted scoring average in history
      Only player to win four majors in a row -The Tiger Slam
      Only player to win all four majors by a margin of five strokes or better

      • Anonymous says:

        Most of your stats are IRRELEVENT at this point……..Jack Nicklaus played majors and regular events till he was 65 years old…If you are going to do a FAIR side by side comparison, you have to start when both athletes are the same age…. Woods is 38, while for Nicklaus, it was 1978 when he was 38……Let’s assume Woods plays till he’s 65, it’s safe to say those ‘cuts’,’scoring avg regular season’, scoring avg in majors’, and most of your other stats are going to get a lot WORSE for Woods, esp if he played into his 60’s like Jack did……..

      • Anonymous says:

        Today’s events are frankly EASIER for top tier athletes to win and pad stats….The WGC events are the perfect example—-Limited field, no cuts, guaranteed money…..Woods has won 8 at the WGC, in a LIMITED field…..The PGA of Jack’s era did not have near the amount of these types of events…….Back in 2012, Golf Digest did an article on comparing both Jack’s and Eldrick’s accomplishments, as they BOTH had 73 wins at the time(article name: Comparing the Nicklaus & Woods 73s: Variety separates Jack’s record)….The author agrees with my understanding of the times…..Nicklaus played in MUCH fewer LIMITED field events(not as available in his time), while Woods has played in alot of them…..As of 2012, the author states Jack only won 6 limited field events, while Eldrick had won 22(and that number is higher now)…….

      • Anonymous says:

        As the article shows, Woods has 7 different LIMITED field events to choose from, while Nicklaus had 2…..Now if you think about it, had Jack had the same amount of LIMITED field events that Eldrick had, it’s safe to say Jack would have more wins, more money, better stats, ect.

  2. Po Paul says:

    Irrelevant – how ridiculous is that. My stats capture Jack’s best years as well as Tiger’s best years. It is obvious you don’t like the facts because they tell a story you don’t want to hear. And then we come with this crap about easier fields. Look, say your whining for someone else. Facts are facts and its too bad that Tiger’s facts destroy Jack’s facts….LOL

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously Golf Digest’s comparison on the stats disagreed with you as well, so…….Most of your stats ARE irrelevant at this point, since you don’t base them on an entire career(something you don’t seem to grasp)….Scoring avg, cuts made/missed, ect are greatly affected when comparing a 65 years old vs a 38 year old stats……….You obviously don’t understand LIMITED FIELD events, and how they BLOAT golfers stats….You will have ALOT more top 2’s, and top 3’s, and top 10’s, ect, when you are playing in these ‘limited fields’ year after year…….If you can’t grasp all this, then it shows your limited understanding of career statistics…

      • Anonymous says:

        At least 14 of your ‘lines of stats’ are totally irrelevant at this point…..Most of the great golfer played well past their prime…This occurs around late 30’s till the end, based on all athletes that didn’t take steroids/peds(cough)……

  3. Po Paul says:

    When you have the facts on your side as I do, argue the facts. When you have the law on your side, argue the law. When you have neither, holler. I can hear your screaming loud and clear.

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