Simply Inexplicable: They’re so bad, ain’t no telling where the journalism went

As soon as the WGC-Firestone ended, I flipped over to Golf Channel for the postgame.  I couldn’t wait to see what wonderful things they had to say about Rory winning the British Open, drinking Jagermeister out of the Claret Jug, then getting back to business and winning the WGC.

Couldn’t wait?  Well, I waited and waited and waited… I’m still waiting.  Here’s a chronological summary of the show:

  • Tiger Woods (4 minutes)
  • WGC wrap-up (5 minutes)
  • Tiger Woods (5 minutes)
  • Notah Begay on Woods (3 minutes)
  • Phil Mickelson (3 minutes)
  • Sergio Garcia (1 minute)
  • Senior Tour (1 minute)
  • Rory McIlroy (1 minute)

No pontification about what Rory’s win “means for golf.”  No detailing of the “historic nature” of Rory’s win.  No jokes about other players not even needing to show up next week.  No.  You’d have thought Rory just won the after missing three straight cuts on the tour, and that Woods had won the Masters playing left-handed.

This was the most blatantly Tiger-centric coverage I’ve ever seen on Golf Channel, and that is saying a lot.  Rory wins the British Open and follows that up with a WGC event, coming back from three shots down, and they headline Woods?  The print media really needs to take Golf Channel to task for this, but they won’t.   Woods’s injury news was about 8 or 10 hours old, and it’s not like no one knew he was rehabbing his back and that setbacks were likely.  DaLaet had the same surgery and said it took about a year to recover.

I’m glad Holly Sonders left Golf Channel.  It will hurt them, and they deserve to struggle.  Rory is too good-natured to boycott them, but he should.


Rory’s win sent the bid on his British Open golf ball to $12,000 at Green Jacket auctions.  If he plays well next week, it might yet hit six figures.  My prediction was $40,000.

David Feherty interfered with Rory’s “Rorksy” ball toss into the stands.  He better not have ruined the photographs.  I need one for Rorksy III.  I’ll draw one by hand if I have to!

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4 Responses to Simply Inexplicable: They’re so bad, ain’t no telling where the journalism went

  1. Anonymous says:

    NBC is clearly NOT going to enjoy the Rory ride….This network needs retooled and fast…Their whole approach is dated….Rory wins 2 pga events in a row, and it’s ho-hum, let’s talk about an injury for half hour….It’s become apparent that no matter what Rory does—NBC will live in the past……Which is funny and sad, as rarely does this type of golf occur on the PGA……

  2. Po Paul says:

    Rory is the next great hope, but the networks haven’t forgotten that Tiger was ranked number one in the world for over 12 years! Rory has a ways to go before the networks will push Tiger to the side.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s just interesting how we went from Jack to Tiger, as far as mentioning one over the other….At what year would you say the networks decided to abandon Jack and pretend golf began a few years ago? I’m guessing this occurred after the 2001 Masters….This would have been when he won 4 Majors in a row, just not in one year, hence the ‘Tiger Slam’…..This would have put him at 6 majors and probably ahead of Jack’s pace, at that time…..So with Rory, he is at 3 majors, and obviously with a PGA Champ win, half way to his own ‘slam’, and then on pace with Tiger and ahead of Jack…….With a whole offseason to talk about it, I would think Rory advertisement would go through the roof by Nike…..

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