Saturday, WGC Day Three (running post)

11:30 am Update

Looks like there’s no live coverage other than the hour or so Golf Channel gave us this morning.  Don’t blame Golf Channel, blame CBS.  If this were Golf Channel’s event, we’d have seen all of it live.  CBS is refusing to move up their coverage, but they are forbidding Golf Channel to cover the event live.  This is, unfortunately, a weekend to follow on the leaderboard.

You’re doing a heckuva job, CBS!

7:30 am Update

Weather:  My best guess, after looking at the Weather Channel website is that weather shouldn’t be a factor today if they finish by early afternoon.  (Remember tee times were moved up to the early morning today.)  The early starters should easily finish, maybe the later ones have some interruptions.  As for tomorrow, it looks much the same, with a little less chance of storms in the afternoon.  Will they start early again so as not to risk a Monday finish the week of the PGA Championship?

Television, who knows…  Golf Channel still showing replay from yesterday.  Something will surely come on at the top of the hour.  The players are on the course, so it would be nice to have something.  I have a bad feeling that the CBS afternoon coverage will be tape delay.  Will they have a live stream on their website?  Live@ is another option, but as of right now, I’m seeing nothing there yet.  There should be some clarity about what to expect at the top of the hour.  By the way, can you imagine NBC taping a Sunday afternoon NFL game and showing it on tape delay Sunday night?  Tape delay golf doesn’t cut it.  It’s funny, but Golf Channel adjusts to changing schedules, but the “major” networks are hung up on the scheduled afternoon window.  They think tape delay is just swell.  Here’s hoping we have options for live coverage for the entire round today.

Keegan Another Shaftee:  Add Keegan Bradley to the list of contenders who got almost no air time on Friday.  Is it asking too much to show a tape delay shot or putt from contenders at least every thirty minutes or so?   I wanted to see a lot of Rory and Sergio today, sure, but rather than the annoying attempts at comedy, why not show Keegan and Hunter and Snedeker once in a while?  Instead of Tiger Woods devotionals, why not show at least a glimpse of all the guys who are putting themselves into contention for the weekend?

7:00 am Update

Television schedule?  I have no idea concerningtoday’s television coverage.  Golf Channel is showing the conclusion of yesterday’s play, so I’m guessing the will go to some kind of coverage, be it live coverage, or Morning Drive, or “pregame,” at the bottom of the hour.

Shackelford and Firestone: Nice bit from Geoff Shackelford on Firestone.  Nice quote from Nicklaus saying the course if boring, that you hit the same kinds of shots, long irons and woods.  Which meshes with my simple description of Firestone as a course favoring long hitters lacking accuracy.  Woods has had great success there because it’s long and you can hit it anywhere.  Sorry, but that does not spell “elite golfer” in my book.

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2 Responses to Saturday, WGC Day Three (running post)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah today’s tape delays are SOOOOO irrelevant, in this day in age…..CBS has ‘CBS This Morning’, then a few other irrelevant shows right now, so unless there are contractual obligations, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just show it live…….Once morning drive showed up, I changed channels….Seriously, I just hate that show…..24 hour news is lame, and 24 hour sports is even more lame…..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tape delay???????????? So Golf channel starts it out like it’s brand new….Um, we have the internet now networks……Yeah, not watching, since I already know what happened….What a dumb mistake by the golfchannel and cbs….Their ratings will really be bad now……..Why in the British Open were they able to move up the coverage, but not now…….

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