Friday, WGC Day Two (running post)

8:00 am Update

Firestone, Shackelford book, etc.:  In Part One of my review of Geoff Shackelford’s book The Future of Golf, I wrote that Shackelford thought little of Firestone South, and that I wished that I knew his views on Torrey Pines.  Well, last night, as I was finishing up the book, I found my answer, in a parenthetical comment after a discussion of USGA conflict avoidance with equipment manufacturers:

(Translation: Get used to venues like Torrey Pines, where having plenty of corporate tent space takes priority over course quality.)


Woods shoots 68 after “long layoff”:  This is Woods’s second event in two weeks, same as 95 percent of the rest of the field, but a Morning Drive analyst just said his 68 was amazing “after such a long layoff.”  Huh?

Brag Time:  July was the busiest month in Lanny H Golf’s history.  After setting new highs in March and April, July beat those twin peaks by 38 percent.  This website is drawing an astonishing amount of traffic for something that was started as a complete lark.  (And remains a complete lark.)  Consider this: If a “real” golf website told the truth about Tiger Woods, they’d steal all my traffic.  Odds of that happening?  Oh, about a million to one.  You see, the truth seems to be incompatible with shilling for the corporate golf industry.

Morning Woods:  I turned on Morning Drive to hear about day one of the WGC.  Ten minutes in and all they’ve talked about is five-shots-behind-the-leader Tiger Woods.  Pathetic.  Williams ends segment with, “Much more to come, certainly, on Tiger.”

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12 Responses to Friday, WGC Day Two (running post)

  1. Henny B says:

    I am ashamed to admit this but I did tune into The Morning Woods Drive this morning and it was so pathetic! I don’t know why I even get upset anymore. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, “Tiger on the Prowl” “Tiger Ready to Pounce in Round Two” and my personal favorite: “Tiger Wood’s first round 68 prove’s he’s Ryder Cup Ready” AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can’t take it anymore! I also have a question for you: Wh ydo you think Lanny Watkins no longer does commentary for the PGA Tour only the Champion’s Tour? Is it because he calls it like he sees it and is honest? The antithesis of Johnny Rah Rah I love Tiger Woods Miller? Your insight would be greatly appreciated.

  2. lannyh says:

    “Tiger Wood’s first round 68 prove’s he’s Ryder Cup Ready”

    Haha! I missed that one. Talk about pushing their agenda. What about the Americans who shot a lower score yesterday? Didn’t they just prove the same thing?

    I love to give opinions, so I hate to tell you this: I don’t know much of anything about the Lanny Watkins situation. Sorry about that. But if he rocked the pro-Tiger, pro-corporate-golf-culture boat, he would lose support amongst the Comcast execs. But, to quote Sgt Schultz, “I know nothing.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Wouldn’t you love to be Watson right now? Think of the power he has over these networks right now? He could give the big middle finger to NBC/ESPN and the golf channel, by leaving Eldrick off the Ryder Cup team…..That would be so hilarious……It would also be hilarious to see the CONSTANT reaction, over-reaction to how these lamo networks would try and handle it……..I find it hard to believe that these same network brass aren’t offering secret $$$$ deals to Tom, and sending him early Christmas cards, hoping he does was they want him to do…..Ring Ring—“Hey Tom, this is NBC, hey, um we have that 100 foot yacht with your name on it, if you, uh, well, you know…Ok talk to ya later”….Yes NBC is one of the dirtiest networks out there, so yes bribery is part of the game I’m SURE……

      • lannyh says:

        I never thought of any network being any dirtier than any other, but I recently read some things that were VERY questionable regarding NBC. And of course, with the Golf Channel link…

        Doesn’t Watson do credit card commercials? The one where he is driving a cart at the range? Those guys may be “explaining” how their renewal of his sponsorship works…

      • Anonymous says:

        Just to add to that thought….IF Eldrick doesn’t have top 3 finishes(possibly needs higher than that) in these last two events, he will miss the Fed Ex playoffs….That’s a month of golf without the golf channel getting their ‘rocks off’……Got me thinking though…If Tom were to pick Eldrick for the Ryder Cup and he misses the Fed Ex cup playoffs……We can be GUARANTEED that the Golf Channel coverage for the next month would go something like: “well that dull playoff thing is coming up for a month, BUT HEY LETS TALK NONSTOP ABOUT THE RYDER CUP”……

      • lannyh says:

        Haha, very true.

  3. Henny B says:

    Yes that’s very evident, they don’t even try to hide their agenda anymore. I feel really bad for the other players who are playing well, they are completly over looked. Last week Tim Clark shot 64 in the third round and 65 if fourth round to win the Canadian Open. Those are some serious numbers! He was brushed aside in 15 minutes. Ricky Fowler is having a heck of a season, playing the best golf of his career so far (my pick for the PGA next week) and not that he’s being totally ignored, but deserves much more attention that he is getting these days. Oh and did you see Monday night on the GC, “Best Rounds in PGA History” ? I’ll give you one guess what round they televised. You guessed, Tiger’s 2000 PGA victory. Did you ever notice whenever he is playing badly or needs a boost they start playing old videos of his past victories?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep, it’s as I’ve said before, they have to make him apart of the story, even when he is not apart of the story….It’s just product placement, like you see in the movies showing a 7/11 gas station…….The reason it’s so obvious is because Jack Nicklaus is RARELY shown on the golf channel, and they seem to avoid Jack’s accomplishments, and skew them toward their dude….It’s so obvious as you’ve said, which is why I watch less golf now, and usually wait till after Eldrick is done playing his round to tune in……

      • lannyh says:

        There was one yesterday, an Aflac question: How many times did Jack Nicklaus win an official event here? Well, I didn’t catch the answer. The point would be, of course, to say, “Jack won twice here” (or whatever the number was) and add, “Just shows you how astonishing Woods eight wins total is!!!”

        Funny how it never works the other way…

    • lannyh says:

      I am really surprised they didn’t cover Fowler more yesterday. I don’t get it. He’s one of the guys they have been selling as “the future,” and they ignore him to obsess over a declining Woods? Here’s their chance to get the Woods Only fans to take an interest in Fowler, and they decline.

  4. Anonymous says:

    yeah I turned on the coverage after I knew ped boy was done….a few minutes in, and they are showing the ‘highlights’ of a +1 round…cough…Like watching highlights of going to the store for milk—yawn…..then the announcer revisiting 1999 AGAIN, for really no reason, other then to just KEEP talking about someone NOT on the leaderboard…Then side by side shots of Rory and that steroid guy……Now over an hour in, and haven’t heard about the leaders or their highlights……No shock, just sad…Once again, trying to make someone apart of the story who isn’t……

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