Thursday Thoughts (running post)

7:00 pm Update

A few comments to wrap up the day…  Tiger Woods’s pull-hook on No. 2 was so horrendous, Rory McIlroy said, “And people thought my tee shot on No. 10 at Augusta was bad!”…  Speaking of Rory, he put on the worst short game clinic I’ve ever seen on his 17th hole.  Blasted a routine bunker shot off the far side of the green, then bladed a chip back to the other side of the green.  Birdied his final hole to post  1-under.  Was chipper in the post-round interview.  He’s right there.   DJ taking a break must remind you of when he had the mysterious “back injury” a couple of years ago and was out for a month or two.  The talk then was that he was serving a suspension for recreational drugs…  What I wrote about in my recent book review regarding Firestone sure came into play.  Woods pull-hooked a drive so badly, it went to the far side of the adjoining fairway.  He put it on the green from there and was putting for eagle.  At most courses, you hit one that bad, you tee up another ball and hit three…  Rickie Fowler played at roughly the same time as Tiger Woods, and Fowler shot one stroke better.  Rickie’s last outing was when he played in the final group at the British Open and finished second.  Additionally, Rickie is one of the players chosen by the PGA Tour for maximum hype.  So why was he so rarely seen on television this afternoon?…   Same question could be asked for Justin Rose, who finished one shot out of the lead, and World #1 Adam Scott, who finished only one shot worse than Woods…  Woods hit a poor shot on a par-3 and cursed profanely.  An announcer apologized, then said, “That’s the language of golf,” as if Jack Nicklaus screamed “Fuck!” every time he mishit a shot.

10:00 am Update

Just a reminder that Live@ is doing an online stream.  Covering holes No. 2 and No. 15 and No. 18.  Players are going off both tees, so be aware of that and keep and eye on the clock, and you can catch your favorites play a couple of holes before Golf Channel live coverage begins.

9:00 am Update

Another great article from Karen Crouse at the New York Times:

Nicklaus did not set out with any target total. He said: “I never worried about how many I had won. That was not important to me. What was important to me was that I played the game well and played the game in the right way, and that I left a legacy that I was proud of. So all of a sudden, when Tiger comes along and he starts winning major championships, all of a sudden that becomes a focus, and all of a sudden my 18 number became a focus of different proportions.”

“Played the game in the right way.”  No cursing, no club throwing, no club kicking.  He’s right about the 18 majors.  It wasn’t anything anyone obsessed over until the media started with their Tiger Woods crap.  What’s funny is Jack says he could have won more if he’d wanted:

“If I had set out when I was a kid, say in my mid-20s or early 30s, and said, ‘Hey, I’m going to win as many majors as I can possibly win,’ if I would have said that, I probably could have won more,” Nicklaus said.

Tiger Woods Press Conference Yesterday:  It occurs to me…  The media felt it was important to ask Woods to give his thoughts on NBA player Lebron James, but NOT to ask why he hid nine visits from Dr. Galea from both Hank Haney and the media as detailed in Blood Sport.  That’s how the golf media operates.  Ignore, ignore, ignore, and hope it goes away.  But the facts are the facts, and it’s almost certain at this point that Tiger Woods juiced throughout much of his career.

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5 Responses to Thursday Thoughts (running post)

  1. Anonymous says:

    The hypocritical media…..A REAL story would be that the media has been covering up for Eldrick for a while now..Instead they are asking about cookie recipes–smh…You figure in 5 or 10 years or, most of the media will have written a book about this coverup, and how they were paid/told to keep it under wraps–for now, ect…ESPECIALLY the golf channel, you figure those guys have done so much damage control on their guy, that meeting after meeting had to occur….Brandle Chamblee could and will eventually tell a few tales about that……But for now, they are trying to keep this strange ‘fairy tale’ alive….You figure this is as close to when the media USED to not ask folks about their personal life…..Affairs and all that weren’t made public, regardless, as it was something you just don’t do……….For right now, that ‘ethics’ of protection is limited to one of the MOST immoral men on the stage….Irony can be very ironic sometimes…..

    • Anonymous says:

      My favorite example of media hypocrisy is how they would NOT admit JFK had affairs for 30 years…….THIRTY!!!!!!!!!!! They just kept trying to keep the ‘Camelot’ nonsense going…..Right now we’re seeing the media trying to keep the fake ‘Golf Camelot’ going…..

      • lannyh says:

        Nice comparison. Up until 2009, “Golf Camelot” was definitely the picture being painted. They still try, but they know it’s a lost cause. You can’t unscramble an egg.
        I roll my eyes when I read when I see all the cautions about annointing Rory prematurely. I mean, for ten years, we heard it was “when, not if” Woods would surpass Nicklaus. Suddenly, now, Nicklaus is the one who is “cool.”
        Rory’s comment that — “I don’t want to win 12 majors and be disappointed. ‘Bummer, I only won 12 majors'” — was, intentional or not, quite the shot at Woods. But it needed saying. To heck with the media’s “story.”

  2. ANON says:

    It’s not unknown that one of golf’s most popular stars of the past (not Jack) had affairs. And previous replies have revealed that TW was on the sauce MANY years ago ” way before the girlfriend thing, when Tiger was just tearing up the Tour.” Is anyone listening?

  3. lannyh says:

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” — Upton Sinclair

    I think part of the problem is the golf media thinks their salaries are dependent upon Woods. So they don’t want to listen, to see, to report.

    A lot of people, me included, think in a few years a reporter will come clean about Woods — what they knew and when, and perhaps even explain why said reporter kept his mouth shut. Although, if he does that, his credibility will be lost. Maybe some young reporter will tell the story of how the veterans hid the truth from the public.

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