Wednesday Thoughts (NYT on Rory, Woods Presser)

I didn’t want to post anything today for risk of crowding out my feature article on Geoff Shackelford’s book. (That piece, Installment 1, is more of a WGC Bridgestone preview than a book review, so I urge you to  read it before the tournament starts.)  However, I just read a New York Times article on Rory McIroy that is so good, I wanted to point it out to anyone who might not have seen it yet.

Woods Press Conference:  A good question by a guy near the end, asking about Woods’s subdued demeanor in his post-surgery press conferences.  He looked absolutely depressed today.  Maybe it’s just worry about his back, which would be natural for anyone, even if it is holding up fine.  It takes time to fully regain confidence.  Or maybe he is depressed because he realizes himself that the Tiger Woods Era is over.  Whatever the reason, the contrast between Rory’s ebullience and Woods’s lethargy was glaring.

There was an interesting comment by Woods which seemed something of a slam on or a whine about Jack Nicklaus.  Woods said Nicklaus got to play a major at Firestone, and he wishes he could.  Kind of like, “I’d have another one if they let me play here.”  The other amusing aspect of that comment has to do with the Geoff Shackelford book I just wrote about.  Shackelford thinks Firestone is a horrible course, and that it would (at least according to his 2004 theory) lessen Woods’s chances to win.  I’m not criticizing Shackelford when I discuss this; I agree that Firestone is a bland course.  My criticism is aimed at the Official Tiger Woods Mythology, which will never, never acknowledge that Woods wins at Firestone because it is friendly to players who hit long but lousy drives.

Golf Channel W/O Kid GlovesThis online video is way better than the stuff that gets aired on the cable channel.  Although, it must be pointed out, Rex has a real lack of understanding regarding odds and percentages…

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One Response to Wednesday Thoughts (NYT on Rory, Woods Presser)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Okay, Firestone favors TW because he hits it long and crooked…..kind of like Augusta favors Bubba because he hits a long high cut.

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