Rory’s WGC Press Conference

Rory’s press conference at WGC today.  The description of his expectations/targets post-US Open 2011 was the highlight for me, but there are a lot of highlights.  It’s 25 minutes long but seems like five.  You won’t be able to keep a grin off your face.  There are some very substantive questions which he answers directly.  This may be the best press conference/interview I’ve ever seen of Rory.

HELP! Golf Channel Headline: “Rory McIlroy admits he’s allowed himself to think about Jack Nicklaus’ all-time major record.”  Can someone tell me exactly where in the press conference Rory “admits” this?  In fact, he said several times he did not think about it, that it would be unhealthy psychologically (my term, not his).  I believe it’s a total lie by Golf Channel.  Why in the hell would GC lie about something like that?

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8 Responses to Rory’s WGC Press Conference

  1. Anonymous says:

    He looked jacked. Most definitely on the juice.

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, sport, you’ll have to wait until Galea and Lindsay make 63 visits to his private residence before you get any traction with that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It was okay until he said he didn’t think Langer should be on the team. He basically said, “he’s old, he shouldn’t be on the team”.

    • lannyh says:

      Well, that was an awkward moment! But… I think he’d thought it through beforehand. Maybe the reporter already knew what Rory would say. I expected something like, “Yeah, he’s playing great. He sure wouldn’t harm a team.” Sort of a non-answer, I guess.

      Without looking, isn’t G-Mac on the bubble? Rory wouldn’t want to give a spot away that could have gone to Poults or G-Mac. He’d probably feel like a real heel if he said, “Langer would be okay,” and then Langer was chosen rather than guys he plays with on a regular basis. Rory is polite, but he’s not afraid to directly answer questions. And I don’t think he was calling him old so much as pointing out that he wasn’t playing on the regular US or Euro tour.

      • Anonymous says:

        Having looked at the Euro points list, right now Poulter and GMac are locks. A little uncertainty regarding that final spot. As stacked as the team is, it really doesn’t matter who it goes to so you might as well make it a fan favorite like Jimenez or Langer.

      • Anonymous says:

        Rory is right, though. Langer was the Ryder Cup captain 10 years ago, so it’s safe to say his ship as sailed. McGinley’s potential captain’s picks are an embarrassment of riches, so he’s not going to waste a pick on a man in his mid 50s just because he made roadkill out of a bunch of geezers. Right now the picks look like they’re going to be Poulter, McDowell and Gallacher. McGinley has hinted at wanting a Scot on the team, so I think Gallacher will be chosen over Jimenez or Westwood.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ofcourse Rory has thought about Jack’s record, AND wanting to break it….It’s called ‘dreams’, ‘hopes’, ‘target’, ect…….This is like dreaming as a kid…You throw the winning superbowl pass, you hit the home run that wins the world series, ect……Just cuz you are an adult doesn’t mean you don’t desire goals…….This would be like a single person admitting they would like to be married—–GASP, says the media, HEADLINE-“Single person wishes they were married”……sigh….Rory wanting Jack’s record or thinking about the record, should be as much of a shock as any of us wanting to win the lottery….Uh oh….GASP says the media-“Person wants to win lotto”…..

  4. lannyh says:

    What annoyed me was use of the word “admits.” There’s a connotation with that word of a person trying to hide the truth. Equally annoying was the fact that Rory said nothing even close to that in the press conference.
    Like most people, I would not mind being extremely wealthy. But I don’t have a goal of “being richer than Bill Gates.” If the media asked me, “Do you think about being richer than Bill Gates?” and I answered, “No, I just want to earn as much money as possible,” and the media then wrote a headline, “Lanny H Admits He Thinks About Bill Gates’ Record Wealth,” I’d obviously conclude the media was purposefully being deceptive.

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