Monday Thoughts (Part 2)

Firestone Country Club is Gay:  It’s true.  Two weeks after the WGC Bridgestone is played at the Firestone Country Club, the 2014 Gay Games will arrive:

Golf: Firestone Country Club. Participants limited to 300. Teams and individual competition. Monday and Tuesday the 11th and 12th.

Marla Ridenour in Akron:  Marla Ridenour is writing the heck out of the WGC event in Akron this week.  Here’s a great piece on Patrick Reed and his wife. That’s the third good article by her I’ve read this week already.

Smart Golf Writers Exist?  SI/Golf’s weekly Tour Confidential is usually worth checking out.  Six or eight golf writers will comment on five or six current golf questions.  This week there is a question about whether Tom Watson should pick Woods for his Ryder Cup team.  Check out these two contrasting responses:

BAMBERGER: I think he won’t and I think he shouldn’t. Unless he wins somewhere between now and D-day, no way. He’s not shown that he’s close.

WALKER: 100 percent yes Watson should pick Tiger and 100 percent yes he will. I don’t understand why this is a debate. Tiger’s not in a slump, he’s recovering from back surgery. If the Ryder Cup was held last year, he’d be at the top of the qualifying list. By this September, he will be one of the 12 best American players. He belongs on the team for many reasons, but that’s the biggest.

I find that second response funny.  First the guy says Woods is playing poorly because he’s recovering from surgery, then he claims he’ll be fine by September, as if he’ll no longer be recovering from back surgery  Most of the other responses were refreshingly candid.

Anyway, go check out Tour Confidential this week.  There’s a good question on interest in golf, and also a question on Olympic golf which drew this erudite (i.e., I completely agree) response:

BAMBERGER: The Olympic golf is wrong every which way it could be. It should have been an amateur team competition.


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