The Rory Era Begins — the story in charts

The Hype Era of golf has officially ended.  After a 15-year golf media lecture insisting Jack Nicklaus was nothing more than a footnote to Tiger Woods, we arrive at this chart: jack-woodsWhat do you know?  Reality does top hype, after all — even in the 21st century.  Notice how Woods flatlined at age 32.  Remember what Dan Jenkins wrote in early 2010?

Never in my knowledge of history has any famous personality — in sports, show biz, or politics — ever fallen so far so fast. Tiger Woods is graveyard dead, as the Southern expression goes.

That was in his Golf Digest article entitled, Nice (Not) Knowing You:
Tiger Woods’ world will never be the same.

Graveyard dead.  The flatline depicted on the chart.

The apt word is “poetic.”

Now, how about this young Irish lad we keep hearing about?  How is he stacking up to Jack?

jack-roryNote that if Rory wins next month’s PGA Championship or next April’s Masters, he’ll be tied with Jack’s pace.  Yeah, you heard me right.  If Rory wins one of the next two majors, he’ll pull level with Jack.

I doubt we’ll hear much about that from the golf media, though.  They’ll be too busy pumping out “Rory Sucks, Tiger Rocks” articles.

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One Response to The Rory Era Begins — the story in charts

  1. Anonymous says:

    We wont here about it largely because Ror’s isn’t making his total major wins number a big deal.

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