Is Logic Extinct?

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother.  There is simply no respect for logic any more.

Brandel Chamblee recently said of Tiger Woods:

“If he had never abandoned Butch Harmon’s swing or Hank Haney’s swing, either of them was good enough to ride into the sunset with 25 major championships.”

But look at this article from Golf where Peter Kostis points out that Woods made the changes because injuries dictated he do so.

If you don’t care what Kostis says, here’s Woods saying it himself in 2012:

Woods said he is working on a swing which prevents injury but allows him to perform at his best.

‘I’m always trying to get a little bit better, but also, I’m trying to play around injuries I’ve had in the past,’ he said in response to a question from Roger Maltbie. ‘I’m trying to get a swing to ease that stress on the knee over the years, … but also play at a high level at the same time.’

Okay, that was Woods two years ago explaining why he needed a new swing.  Has Chamblee not heard that?  Has he forgotten?  Why is his analysis based on the supposition that Woods could still be using his old swings if he wanted?  Does he think Woods is lying?

Chamblee is mired in a total breakdown of logic.  Someone needs to tap him on the shoulder and tell him, “Uh, Tiger couldn’t keep using the old swings due to injuries.”  At that point, Chamblee could utter, “Nevermind,” and SNL would have a skit.

When golf reporters ignore facts and logic, they are just babbling.

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10 Responses to Is Logic Extinct?

  1. Bermuda Bob says:


    Have you considered that Chanblee does not accept the Kostis and Woods assertions ???

    Think of it, accepting Kostis and Woods would mean, in a de facto way, that each and every student that Butch Harmon has worked with is risking their exposure to injury.

    Personally, I don’t understand the need to change one’s swing, except to polish it.

    I believe that each and every “swing doctor” has his approach as to what the best swing is, and the only way they perpetuate themselves is by selling it to players. So, as salesmen often do, they either exaggerate their abilities right down to purely misrepresent themselves and their abilities.

    It’s interesting that TW “injured” himself (if you believe that every “injury” was from golf) under the tutelage of other so-called “swing doctors” ???

    I will be the first person to assert that Chamblee is a gutless guttersnipe after withdrawing his comments last year, and then apologizing for them. I, for one, believe that a Opinion Journalist ought never need to apologize unless he is presented with FACTS. Chamblee was not provided with anything but pressure by the golf establishment. Of course, he still has a job and still can offer up less critical comments, but in my eyes he will forever be tarnished !!!

    • Nate says:

      Don’t you think part of the injuries are because this guy started as a 160 lb kid on tour, and tried to change himself into something physically that he’s not? In other words, when he was changing his swing, he was also changing his look(by using steroids and working out more because of those steroids)….We all have our frame…I’ve played sports with guys who were around 160, and to think they would be as big as I am(around 200 lbs) or bigger is rather hilarious to me…..I’m sure he was told ‘oh these are new steroids, so they wont hurt you’ speech, and he being a kid, bought it hook, line, and sinker….

    • lannyh says:

      Well, I asked, “Does Chamblee think Woods is lying?” Because, like I said, Woods himself has said he did it to avoid re-injuring himself. Chamblee should at least start such diatribes with, “I know Woods has said he changed his swing to avoid injury, but I don’t buy that.”

      Chamblee keeps insisting Woods changed his swing for no reason at all, but Woods is on record as saying he did it to avoid further injury.

      Azinger went back and forth one day about whether Harmon was a “band-aid” teacher. Azinger said Harmon didn’t try to change a player’s underlying swing. So there are lots of reasons Harmon’s instruction would not cause injury. For one thing, Woods generated a lot more torque than anyone else. (Harmon states that in one of the articles I linked.) As well, if he’s not changing a player’s basic, underlying swing, they are all going to bring their own swing foundation with them.

      My problem with Chamblee is that he wrings his hands, saying, “Why, oh why, did Tiger change his swing” when Woods has publicly stated he did it to avoid re-injury. My recollection is that he spoke about it quite a bit. He even went to soft spike shoes at that time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Lanny, you may or may not have seen the news recently that Dicks Sporting Goods fired 500 PGA Golf Professionals from their stores.

    Any chance of a “guest article” on the topic???

    • lannyh says:

      I’m open to guest articles, sure. Is there enough for an article there? What’s the central theme going to be?
      I had not seen the news. I wasn’t even aware they employed PGA golf pros.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just saw a Dick’s add on Golf Channel. If “I” am the Golf channel I discontinue all Dick’s ads effectively immediately.

  3. Nate says:

    The golf channel and their Eldrick employees have to talk about the guy SO much, that they may end up saying things that they know are b.s., but they have to fill time……I mean if you were to go back to the tapes(and that would be torture), how many times do you think these analysts have been asked the SAME question “WHAT IS WRONG WITH WOODS”….From even the limited amount of time I’ve watched that lame excuse for a golf network, I would guess since 2009 or 2010, a couple hundred, maybe more? A couple HUNDRED times is not an exaggeration either….Seriously……..EVERY show is the same “WHAT IS A MATTER OR HOW CAN HE ect” questions, which eventually you run out of things to say….Yeah the apologizing thing by Chamblee or whatever, is just ANOTHER example of how NBC and all these rigged companies are in on protecting this guy(even though some are seeing the light about the steroids ect)…

    • lannyh says:

      I intend to write about your “product placement” before too much longer. I, too, was sick of how every stat was about Woods. You never hear things like, “Yeah, Joe Blow won today at age 25, quite young, but, wow, that pales in comparison to Spieth winning at 19!” Or, “Joe Blow has won at least one tournament for five straight years now, but, of course, that’s a far cry from Arnie and Jack who both went over 20 years!” (It’s something like that; I didn’t actually look it up.) No. Every stat is a comparison to Woods, and Woods is always top dog in the stat they choose to use.

      The way they constantly do that frustrated and annoyed me, of course, but I saw it as a bunch of separate incidents. Now, though, I see it more broadly. I see it as, using your term, “product placement.” When they trot out their bolt-from-the-blue Woods stats, I literally see a bright red Coke can, prominently placed and lighted, on the kitchen table as two people have a discussion in a movie. Or maybe a barroom scene, where the labels on the empty Coors bottles conveniently face the camera — and are prominently placed and lighted.

      It’s no less obvious than the product placement in movies, and I think labeling it allows people to more easily recognize it for what it is: the Golf Channel shilling their product.

      • Nate says:

        We all know if Rory wins the PGA, which would be two majors in a row, what graphics they will keep showing…. Padraig Harrington and Phil Mickelson were the last 2 in a row major winners, so they will struggle with that one…..They will have to keep showing the ‘AGE’ thing, like they kept doing at the British, as their first choice in graphics….If it is a foregone conclusion that Rory has it locked up, they will then say, “Oh that’s nice, but who was the last person to win THREE in a row”(they start sounding like the count from sesame street)….

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