Day Four British Open (running post)

Update 5:30 am

  • “Chasing History”: Why does the sports media paint everything as “historic”? I realize they are trying to generate buzz and attract/retain viewers, readers and listeners, but isn’t there a better way to do that? Most of these “historic records” are meaningless and uninteresting? Silly is another apt description.  Rory shoots two great first-rounds scores followed by bad rounds. The golf media proclaims Rory has a serious problem with “Freaky Friday.” It’s statistical noise, folks. It’s difficult to come up with good ideas for sports reporting, but it’s easy to mine databases of sports information for “history.”
  • Fowler Approach Shot: ESPN had a great view of one of Rickie Fowler’s approach shots yesterday. The camera was behind Rickie and his caddie, and viewers were able to follow the flight of the ball (via Shot Tracker). You could see the ball gently fade toward the stick, which we knew Rickie intended because he had just told his caddie. The camera stayed until the ball was landing; you KNEW it was going to be close, and it was.
  • Tom Terrific: Tom Watson is -2 on the day, and has caught one Tiger Woods (who is a few holes behind him).  Shouldn’t Ryder Cup picks at least be able to beat the captain?  There are currently seven scores over par for the day versus five under.
  • Adam Scott:  Kaymer and Stenson, who shot themselves out of contention early, are kind of muddling around.  Adam Scott, who also became a non-factor early, is hanging tough and likely to post another top ten finish.  That’s a big part of why he is OWGR #1.  He rarely has a bad tournament.

Update 3:30 am

  • The first group tees off in five minutes.  What will this day bring?  Will it go down as one of the greatest days in golf history with Rory McIlroy marching to glorious victory, or will our beloved sport go to bed tonight with a broken heart?
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One Response to Day Four British Open (running post)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wathcing the coverage, Serg just teed off and there was the ever presnt “get in the hole!” cheer.

    Which reminded, I can’t remember if it was yesterday or the day before, and I don’t recall who it was (was one of the leaders), but there was the same “get in hole!” cheer and Scott Van Pelt of ESPN chimed in, “That’s ambicous given the hole is 480 yards”. Brilliant!

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