Groundhog Day: Golf Media Looks Other Way on Tiger Woods PED Questions

A week ago to the day, Blood Sport was released, blowing holes in the Tiger Woods/Hank Haney/Dr. Galea story that there had been only five secret treatments from the good doctor.  (Good unlicensed doctor.)

Today, for the first time since the book was published and detailed an astounding fourteen visits from Galea and another forty-nine from Galea’s assistant, Tiger Woods faced the media.

In an embarrassing display of poltroonery, the media ignored the damning implications of the hidden visits and instead asked questions such as one (two, actually) about how life is different for him now than in 2006?  This was such a necessary question because, like, no one knows, right?

Then there was a question asking Woods if he was realistically there to win.  Woods trotted out his hackneyed schtick about how anything but winning was unacceptable.  Of course, this completely contradicts his statements three weeks ago at the DC Open.  Folks, it’s 2014.   This Woods-bravado-press-fawning act might have been entertaining in 2001, but now it has all the life of a critic-savaged play closing after a two-day run.  The actors go through the motions of a final performance, but what’s the point?

The golf media simply could not bring itself to ask the one question demanding to be asked.  One American female asked a question.  Christine Brennen?  Karen Crouse?  I forget the question, but it wasn’t about Galea.  Brennen and Crouse have asked about Galea/PEDs in the past, so it was very disappointing to see they’ve become superfluous bimbos off on a British holiday.  (Only one of them asked a question, so I should not lump them together, but screw it.  Both failed to ask the question.)

It is instructive that Rory McIlroy, who had his press conference just prior to Woods’s, got none of the kid glove treatment.  Some guy asked him about a young, apparently-famous woman Rory had been seen speaking to at a recent gathering.  Seems she had just been in a rather serious auto accident, her car flipping six times.  (She was okay, thankfully.)  Rory was asked about her, and I have no problem with that.  However, if that question is asked, how can it be that no one asked Tiger Woods about the 63 visits from convicted-felon Anthony Galea and BALCOite Mark Lindsay?  A question about some random famous girl McIlroy knows is fair game, but not 63 visits from unlicensed doctors to Woods’s private residence?  It’s a real stretch to link a pretty girl’s car crash to professional golf, but not so hard to link questions about PED usage to golf.

My current working theory is that the Tim Finchem and the golf media are hellbent on keeping a full-blown Woods PED scandal from erupting in the next year-and-a-half — time enough for Woods to reach age 40 and be inducted into the golf Hall of Fame.  They fear he will wind up like Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa, who have all been kept out of the baseball Hall of Fame because of their links to PEDs.

Look, golf media, if you truly think Woods is pure as the driven snow when it comes to PEDs, why not ask him about the holes in his story, and let him explain them himself?  If there’s “nothing to see here,” give him a chance to clear his name.

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13 Responses to Groundhog Day: Golf Media Looks Other Way on Tiger Woods PED Questions

  1. Anonymous says:

    And to think I was naive enough to believe that “the question” was going to be asked. I’m so sick and tired of this crap! How this man continues to tip toe through the rain drops is beyond me. I guess your right Lanny, this man is protected from on high by the most powerful people. It makes me want to vomit.

    • lannyh says:

      I thought I was past the point of being shocked by the golf media’s failure to do their job, but I too was gob-smacked by today’s press conference. Not one single mention of Galea?

      Think about this: What is “the golf media”? Twenty prominent guys who ask the questions, appear on TV, write the columns? There are hundreds of others, but what power do they have? Is it possible that those twenty or so key players have been bought off? If Woods gave $8 million to silence Rachel Uchitel, he’s got the money. Golf writers would come much cheaper; seriously, what would they do if they lost their jobs?

      Of course, access is the main tool. It’s funny that there are grown men willing to toss softballs to Woods at every press conference to ensure they’ll be able to toss him more softballs in the future. What sad, dishonest lives they lead. Dan Jenkinses they are not.

  2. Nate says:

    Like the guy that yells ‘mashed potatoes’, some folks should go to each of Woods events and yell ‘steroids’ or ‘hgh’ or ’60 visits to Galea’ around Woods tee box or after he swings….Have them positioned on 5 or 6 of the holes…Sure you’d probably get kicked out, but so what….I actually think it would very effective if done enough, and you could find plenty of folks who would volunteer…..The microphone would pick it up, and possibly get on tv…..Others would also hear about what happened, and it would probably get on TMZ or something(esp considering a lot of folks use cell phone and tape the action)…..Heck if the National Enquirer brought the story out the first time in 09′ or whenever, then it will be a similar group, and certainly NOT the so called main media…NBC is a crooked network..They are run by dishonest, immoral people….

    • Nate says:

      Considering the new book RECENTLY came out about the steroids, there should have been question after question…..Remember though, if Eldrick’s agent was good enough to THREATEN the golf channel boycott over negative attention, then ofcourse we know there have been other threats as well….You list 40 years old for getting him in the hall….To me Eldrick has only 6 majors to play in till he reaches 40…Once he’s at 40, the kid gloves will come off, as he will still be at 14 majors, and probably have gone through another injury….

      • lannyh says:

        And it’s not like the book was from some fringe character. It was written by Tim Elfrink of the Miami New Times, the man who broke the original story on the Biogenesis scandal — which led to 20 suspensions in MLB!

        The story is intentionally being suppressed; this is NOT a non-story.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That is exactly what I cannot figure out. If a little side bar story from the enquirer turned into the huge scandal, howcome this huge story, with credible sources has not taken off? I agree with Lanny, somethings not right.

    • Nate says:

      This has a massive coverup feel to it..NBC has a HUGE vested financial interest in not making Eldrick look like Alex Rodriquez, mainly because of the golf channel…..When you take the rest of the media, you have CBS, FOX, ABC, which ALSO have a HUGE vested financial interest, mainly due to future majors and golf events………Just as an example, Lebron James of the NBA recently returned to Cleveland…Estimates say this will add around half a BILLION dollars to the Cleveland economy, over so many years…..Now how fast would Cleveland be willing to tank their $$$ guy, if something similar was found on him? One other always interesting tidbit to me, is that it took over 30 years–30, for the New York Times to admit that JFK had affairs….When you realize how some are SO enamored with MYTH, fame and $$$, then you see what the golf folks are trying to do here…….It’s money, money, money, with a little myth in between…..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for taking the time to explain that Nate. One more question for you: Why do people still cling to this guy? He’s a liar, a cheater (I could care less what he does off the course, im referring to him getting caught four times in the 2013 season alone) and a total fraud. I was disgusted to see all those people giving him a standing ovation on every hole at the Masters in his first tournament back after the scandal. I just don’t get it.

    • Nate says:

      Some people are succors for fame, and it’s been that way long before tv or internet came around…..People crave fame, as ‘American Idol’ has shown…..You hear folks say ‘hey I was right next to this famous person’, or ‘He or she said hi to me’—-stuff like that…..My response is always—so…..There is that group of people who ‘worship’ the famous…..You will sometimes here analysts say stuff like ‘there is an aura about him’…..Which makes me laugh, because they used to say the same thing about Adolf Hitler, seriously…..People build up politicians, athletes, movie actors, and it’s usually based on lies and exaggerations….But as we know ‘heroes die hard’…..People still want to believe Elvis is still alive….Years ago,I went a golfing event where Jack Nicklaus and Fuzzy Zoeller were playing, and when they waived their hand toward the crowd, you would have thought they were the king or the pope or something….People went wild, and I was just standing there, as I watched these idiots go crazy….Maybe they think there life means more if they get waived at…..It’s not so much Eldrick, but the IDEA of Eldrick that gets them excited…It was the same with Jack and Jordan ect…..People love the idea of fame, and don’t really think about what it means…..A good way to think about fame—at the end of the day, the chess pieces and board all go back in the same box….

      • scratch1957 says:

        …WAVED at. not waived at.. .We have a great language. Get a grip! But the real point is that we all know that our beloved golf is being covered by a bunch of weenies, except for Lanny H and maybe a couple of others.

      • James York says:

        SUCKERS, but you’re on the right track, Nate. Incidentally, folks, check out Lord Acton: Power tends to corrupt, absolute power tends to … . If you cannot complete this great and true statement, Google will help you! (They meant googol.) Check these two items out, okay?

  5. scratch1957 says:

    The only professional athlete who I am sure is absolutely clean, and always has been, is Derek Jeter of the Yankees. He was rated No.11 in the recent Fortune magazine list of world leaders, TW and the whole Tour are complete frauds because of the massive cover-up. Could there be a greater gap than that between Jeter and Woods?

    • Las Vegas says:

      The NYT and NBC are the worst that I can imagine. They cover for Obama and they cover for Woods. NBC alone, among the “major” news networks, did not report the poll ranking Obama at the bottom of our presidents in the last umpteen years. Gee, I wonder why. Oh, and Golf Channel is also NBC. Do you think that there is a connection here? Take a wild guess.

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