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I stumbled upon Rick Arnett and Craig Rosengarden’s radio program (which airs in the Dallas-Fort Worth market on Saturday mornings) and was very happily surprised. They must have missed the “Cover Up For Tiger” memo, because they readily discussed the breaking news regarding Tiger Woods, Anthony Galea, Mark Lindsay, and PEDs.  They even mentioned how the story has been suppressed by the golf media.

If you want further information about these two golf radio show hosts, here’s a link to a description of the radio show and a link to the promo for Saturday morning’s program. Here’s the part of the promo that drew me in:

“Saturday morning on the Teebox Golf Show… We look at some questions swirling around new reports that Tiger Woods had nearly 50 visits with the controversial Dr. Galea rather than the stated 14. And what that possibly means.”

[Editorial Note: The stated number was actually only 4 (or 5) visits.  The 50 refers to the combined visits of both Galea and Lindsay, that number actually being 63.]

Earlier in the week, I had read an article by Rick Arnett (Is There Fire Amidst the Smoke Swirling Around Tiger and Dr. Galea?) at, but I was unaware he also hosted a radio show.  Here’s a short excerpt from that article:

However, personally–and granted its total conjecture–I wouldn’t be surprised if someday there’s irrefutable proof that Woods did take PEDs. In an era where nearly all stupendous athletic feats are ultimately tied to illegal enhancements, you’d be naive to be shocked on this one. There’s his bulked up frame, his body breaking down and curious off-course behavior and decisions. Also take into account that HGH was not tested by the Tour.

Should make for an interesting press conference next week when Woods addresses the media at Royal Liverpool GC for the British Open.

Okay, let’s get to Saturday.  I was fired up for the show and started a stream capture as soon as it began.  (One of the websites says there is a podcast archive, but I can’t locate it.  If I do, I’ll post a link.)  Here’s how they introduced the Woods-Galea topic before taking it up in earnest later in the show:

Rick Arnett: Tiger’s playing next week, it’s the British Open. He won there last time in 2006. But there are a lot of changes since 2006 about Tiger. And there were some reports that came out that, uh, made me scratch my head a little bit.
Craig Rosengarden: Well, I think it’s… it’s… regarding… you should tease it… because I think it’s … it did not make the airwaves anywhere.
Rick:   Isn’t that surprising?
Craig: …and I’m scratching my head.
Rick:   Yeah. Big discrepancy between what he reported and how many visits he had with a certain doctor and how many were actually…
Craig: Known for PEDs.
Rick:   Let’s put it this way: Every other athlete that he treated…
Craig: That’s correct.
Rick:   They…
Craig: That’s correct.
Rick:   …were found with PEDs.

They returned to the topic later in the program, beginning with a few introductory words about Tim Elfrink and Gus Garcia-Roberts’ new book, Blood Sport, and the information in it regarding Woods and Galea. Then:

Rick:  The smoking gun is HGH. Because it’s banned everywhere, but I…
Craig: It’s hard to test.
Rick:   …but for sure, the pga tour, even though they test for drugs, they do not test for HGH.
Craig: There’s a different test, I believe, I don’t think you can do it out of urine.
Rick:   You have do it through blood versus urine.
Craig: They only take urine.

They then discussed diehard fans who will never admit or believe Woods took PEDs no matter what.  Discussed how doping athletes such as Lance Armstrong proved to them that the drug-testing system can be beaten.  One of the hosts told a story about how he used to cover the Rangers and interview MLB players.  Jason Giambi was one of the players, and his physical appearance was very suspicious, and, indeed, just a couple of years later Giambi was implicated in the BALCO steroid scandal.  They then discussed Woods’s recklessness off the course and how such recklessness could extend to using PEDs.

Then, Rick said something I hear from nearly every golf person I meet in the real world, but from no one in the golf media — until now:

RickYou know what else? The Tour ain’t gonna out him. Absolutely they are going to bury everything. They are going to bury everything for Tiger.

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7 Responses to Journalism on the Radio

  1. Anonymous says:

    Given the evidence, there is a pretty clear direction in which the finger is pointing. There may be evidence to the contrary but I just don’t see how PED’s help in golf but whatever. The real question to me is that with all this information coming out, it sounds like the bulk of the heat surrounds 2008-2009. For those that like to look at physical appearance, you didn’t hear much during the 1999-2001 stretch TW had which is exactly when he played his most dominating golf. So with that said, seems like you could argue that PED’s have hurt his performance instead of enhance it.

    • Nate says:

      How does ped’s help? It’s been shown over and over and over again, that it ENHANCES your performance…..Now it you are able to hit a MOVING ball like in MLB, then certainly it helps you with a still ball in PGA……The stats don’t lie…..Eldrick Woods can probably credit over half of his majors(if not more) to steroids, as well as half or more of his wins to the ped’s……..Ask Brady Anderson, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Alex Rodriqeuz in MLB how it make them who they WEREN’T……EVERY player is looking for an edge, and when you combine ego with connections, it can be a dangerous combination….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well done! Please keep up the good work. I just want to let you know that all of your hard work and dedication is not going unnoticed. There are more people behind you and who agree with you then you will ever know. If the truth does finally come out (and God I hope it does) a large part will be due to your relentless investigating. We all owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude. Thank you

    • James York says:

      Very well done, Lanny. TW’s wins mean very little. He CANNOT be mentioned in the same breath with Hogan, Nicklaus, and Snead! And, of course, there are other great players who did not cheat. Woods IS a cheater, plain and simple. Guilty. Call your next case.

      • lannyh says:

        Thanks, James. I put up a comment at CBS saying I couldn’t include Woods in my Top Twenty-Five, after the release of this latest information. It was a little tongue-in-cheek, but it’s instructive to note CBS deleted it.
        Can you imagine CBS deleting a post of someone saying Barry Bonds should not be in the Hall of Fame because he doped? Like these radio hosts said, the Tour will do anything to cover up Woods’s transgressions, and I think the golf media considers themselves way more aligned with the Tour than with rank-and-file players and fans.

    • lannyh says:

      Thanks for your support. It’s mostly fun to do, kind of like trying to solve a mystery novel. Also, I think the discoveries by guys like Elfrink and Garcia-Roberts, and Terez Owens, and even Porter Fischer, need to stay in the public eye or else the powerful people who don’t really care about the game will sweep them under the rug. In 2010, 24 percent of PGA players thought Woods used PEDs, but yet the media will not even discuss the possibility. (I have to think an even higher percentage of players now, after hearing this latest information, think Woods has used PEDs.)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope the Brits, or some journalist with integrity over there in Europe will address this issue at the Open.

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