A Few Stray Thoughts

  • Assuuming neither wins in the next three weeks, we will have reached the point where neither Tiger Woods nor Phil Mickelson has won in a year.  Why do they still dominate American golf coverage?
  • Brian Harman reminds me of Jeff Tweedy.  I saw Harman on Morning Drive earlier this year; he was laid-back and funny.  Seems like he had on a pair clodhoppers of some sort, almost work boots, and MD wanted him to demonstrate one-leg squats.  (He declined.)  He’s another of the many Georgia alums on the Tour.  Anyway, he’d make a good winner tomorrow.  Bowdo is set up for a good finish, and it looks like Spieth will find his way into the top ten again.
  • Holly Sonders leaving Golf Channel is a pretty big deal.  Florida took it on the chin last week, what with both Holly and Lebron heading for the exit.  Holly has gotten really good at her job.  I didn’t care for her at first when she was little more than an FM morning zoo sidekick, her primary responsibility reading the Front Nine and Back Nine questions (while looking like a street walker).  However, she grew into the job and really found her own as one of the rotating anchors on Morning Drive.  She has an extensive golf background, but I have to wonder if she wasn’t anxious to expand beyond golf.  Being a Fox sideline chick and part-time golf reporter had to sound like a better future than continuing the Tiger Woods Reality Show they churn out at NBC/Golf Channel.  Her departure will hurt Morning Drive.
  • I’m in the process of writing a piece about two sports journalists who are not shying away from the Tiger Woods PED story.  I’ll try to finish the piece and post it on Sunday.  At the risk of overselling and underdelivering, I’ll say their comments surprised me quite a bit.  It’s sad that stating the obvious now seems revolutionary, but that’s the reality of today’s golf media.
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One Response to A Few Stray Thoughts

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s pretty impressive. I surely would have guessed that you didn’t know who LeBron is.

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