Questions for Tiger Woods, Tim Finchem, Hank Haney

Before the questions, a quick summation of some indisputable facts:

  1. Tiger Woods was treated by two unlicensed doctors, Anthony Galea and Mark Lindsay, a total of sixty-three times.
  2. Galea was later convicted of bringing banned PEDs into the United States; Lindsay once worked at BALCO with athletes who used banned PEDs.
  3. The two unlicensed doctors treated admitted PED-user Alex Rodriguez concurrently with Woods
  4. Tiger Woods and Alex Rodriguez communicated while they were receiving treatment from Galea and Lindsay.
  5. Woods and Galea covered up the fact that Galea visited Woods fourteen times, rather than five, the number Hank Haney claimed in his book.

With those facts in mind, the following questions need to be asked immediately:

Ask Tiger Woods:

  1. There was confusion when this first broke in 2009, so can you please reiterate: From whom did you get Anthony Galea’s name?
  2. Why didn’t Hank Haney know about the other nine Galea visits?
  3. Why did you never clarify the number of Galea visits when you had many opportunities to do so, such as when Christine Brennen asked you about Galea at the 2010 Masters?
  4. Have you ever requested or received a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) from the PGA Tour?

Ask Tim Finchem:

  1. Why has the PGA Tour not tested Tiger Woods for PEDs, according to him, for this entire year?
  2. Has the PGA Tour ever granted Tiger Woods a therapeutic use exemption (TUE)?  Has Woods ever requested a therapeutic use exemption?
  3. Why doesn’t the PGA Tour do blood tests?

Ask Hank Haney:

  1. Based on your book and public statements, you were aware of only five Galea visits to Tiger Woods’s mansion. Do you stand by that?
  2. You stated in your book that you were with Woods for four of the five treatments Woods received from Galea. Where, when, and how did you learn about a fifth visit? Why were you not there for that fifth visit?
  3. At this point, do you think Woods hid Galea visits from you? If so, why do you think he did it?
  4. You mentioned Mark Lindsay in your book.  Were you aware he visited Woods forty-nine times?

Random question I have:

  1. When Woods spoke to the FBI concerning Anthony Galea, how many times did he tell them Galea visited?
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5 Responses to Questions for Tiger Woods, Tim Finchem, Hank Haney

  1. Anonymous says:

    ask Tiger same question about tues

  2. Anonymous says:

    I guess they need to ban Miller Lite because it allows me to play better.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So when TW is finally, Officially, convicted by a court of law, what then will you have to talk about? Seems likely you’ll continue on with your obsession with TW in some way, shape and/or form.

  4. Anonymous says:

    1. Did every visit from Galea involve PRP injections? Are you aware it is unheard of to get 14 PRP injections in an 8 month span? Are you aware that it is also unheard of to feel the results of the injections within two days?
    2. If you only received clean treatments, why didn’t you find a US doctor with a good reputation? Why risk your reputation by flying in unlicensed doctors with PED connections while associating with known PED user Alex Rodriguez?

    Everyone saying ‘Galea said Tiger was never given PEDs, so Tiger is innocent’ is naive. Galea said he never gave ANY of his clients HGH. His plea deal prevented the release of his full client and treatment list, and the court testimony remains sealed. Galea was on trial, not his clients, and he did everything in is power to protect them.

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