Has Tim Finchem Granted Tiger Woods any Temporary Usage Exemptions?

If you read the Sports Illustrated excerpt from Blood Sport (the book which hits the shelves tomorrow), you know MLB granted Alex Rodriguez a TUE (Temporary Usage Exemption) that allowed him to use banned PEDs in 2007. A-Rod claimed he had hypogonadism — an undersupply of testosterone, hardy har har — so MLB allowed him to use testosterone all season long. A season in which he won the MVP award.

Well, the PGA Tour’s Anti-Doping Manual has its own TUE section, so Tim Finchem may well have granted exemptions for, oh, I don’t know, Tiger Woods to use testosterone and other steroids.  Now more than ever, Finchem needs to open up the PGA Tour’s drug policy records. I can’t be the only one suspicious that Mr. Finchem might be treating some players differently than others.

What’s that you say? Vijay Singh made that very claim and is, in fact, taking Tim Finchem and the PGA Tour to court over the matter? Surely that will result in Finchem releasing information about the enforcement of the Tour’s drug policy. What? No?

No. Because a judge ruled Vijay’s attorneys could have access only to the Tour’s handling of players who violated the deer antler policy, not other types of PED infractions.

Which is total nonsense.  That’s like a woman suing her boss for sexual harassment because he patted her on the fanny, then when she seeks records of her boss’s prior sexual harassment issues, she is told she can have access only to fanny-patting incidents — not the groping and assault incidents in which he was also involved.  (Singh’s legal team is not happy with that ruling, obviously, and is looking into expanding their case.  Here’s a great new piece by Pete Madden at Golf.com.)

For the integrity of the game, Tim Finchem needs to come clean and open up the Tour’s records regarding players who have used PEDs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Be careful what you hope for. Generally, if there is one, there are usually more to follow. One or more that you may actually be a fan of.

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