“Blood Sport” Hits Bookstores Tuesday

Have you heard about this book?

Do you remember when the Miami New Times broke the Biogenesis scandal last year?  Do you remember when Terez Owens reported that Tiger Woods’s name was on the Biogenesis customer list, and that Woods received steroids, HGH, and testosterone cream?

Blood Sport: Alex Rodriguez, Biogenesis and the Quest to End Baseball’s Steroid Era will be released Tuesday, and all the sports world is abuzz.  You can get an early peek at what’s in store by reading an excerpt at the Sports Illustrated website.

Here’s something that jumped off the page at me:

Despite his enormous talent, Rodriguez spent his career seeking a synthetic edge, especially when struggling to meet mile-high expectations. Taken as a whole, Rodriguez’s greatest baseball achievements were inseparable from his use of PEDs. Now his body was corroding due to age. But all he needed was one more push to knock down those historic milestones and place himself among the all-time greats.

No golf fan can read that and not think of Tiger Woods.

There’s plenty more coming out on this Biogenesis matter.  Stay tuned.


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