Lap Dog Finchem not testing Tiger Woods for PEDs!

Sunday Morning Reading

Last night, I came across some great sports reporting from the Washington Post.  It’s a midway summation of the tournament going on at Congressional, making great points about the nature of golf.  When I was young, the majority of sports writing was like this.  Nowadays, 99 percent of what is written is distressingly inane and an insult to any thinking person.

The New York Times is out with an interesting piece on Tiger Woods’s new bag sponsor, MusclePharm.  It’s written by Karen Crouse, whom you may recall from her article last year at the WGC Match Play concerning the PGA Tour’s lax drug-testing policy.  Two interesting bits:

MusclePharm’s ascent has not been without turbulence. The director of marketing, Jeremy DeLuca, pleaded guilty in 2012 to selling misbranded dietary supplements containing synthetic anabolic steroids when he was the president of, an online sports nutrition company. In December, NSF International, a nonprofit organization that tests supplements for the N.F.L. and other professional sports groups, cited MusclePharm for unauthorized use of NSF certification marks.


The subtext is serious, but the question was posed to Woods lightly on Friday: Will the neon green MP on his bag make him a can’t-miss target for random drug testing on the PGA Tour?

He laughed. “I haven’t been tested all year,” said Woods, who lost his world No. 1 ranking last month while sidelined with a back injury that required surgery.

So Tim Finchem doesn’t see fit to drug test Tiger Woods only five months after the revelation reported by Terez Owens that Tiger Woods’s name was on the Biogenesis list!  Woods, the guy who had private visits from doping doctor Anthony Galea, does not get tested by the PGA Tour?

No wonder Vijay Singh thinks some players get preferential treatment from Finchem.

Tim Finchem, the biggest sellout in sports — if Finchem ran the NFL, the Dallas franchise would known as the Quicken Loans Cowboys and Green Bay would be the Northern Trust Packers — is also the weakest commissioner in sports.

Let me say this:  If Tim Finchem is covering up Tiger Woods’s PED usage, there will be a clawback lawsuit from golf fans.  And I’ve heard rumors that corporations have lawyers, too…

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6 Responses to Lap Dog Finchem not testing Tiger Woods for PEDs!

  1. Nate says:

    Finchem, like so many leaders in charge, put the dollar before honor…..It would be a really good idea for 10 or more better known pga pros to DEMAND consistent drug testing in the PGA……Ofcourse if they are take steroids, they’d rather be quiet about it…

  2. Nate says:

    Like most people, people ASSUMED that regular testing was going on……What is the PGA’s so called POLICY on drug testing? Is it just “Oh, we will randomly test you once in while” or is it once a year, or is it a BS thing that sounds good to the public, but doesn’t have much teeth to it….If that is the case, then Finchem has shown he is as crooked as any politican…….Put it another way, IF Eldrick would suddenly retire from injuries, and shortly after, the PGA makes drug testing more instituted and prominent, then we also have the answer…..

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wish they’d just get the evidence out in the open so we can finally convict this guy, toss him over a cliff, and pretend like he never existed. Maybe then, we can move on with golf the way it was meant to be played and covered.

    • ANON says:

      Does this have to be said again?
      We talked about Tiger’s injuries a long time ago. Now I am talking YEARS ago — long before the girlfriend scandals emerged or anything of the kind, when Tiger was just tearing things up on tour. Living in Vegas I have the opportunity to know a lot of PGA golfers very well, and at the time they were all quietly talking about how Tiger was enjoying a “pharmaceutical edge.”
      Now, it’s pretty much common knowledge that he was using, and that his body is now breaking down as a result, right before our eyes. As for new revelations? Same old stuff. I think we are all in on the joke now.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s my point. There was years of “talk” of Lance Armstrong and then one day it became “official”. Make this TW stuff “official” already and let us erase him from our memory and move on to what golf is really suppose to be.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s not about “new” revelations as much as it’s about “official” revelations. Make it “official fact” already so we can dump this scum and focus on golf as it’s meant to be.

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