Sports Media Starting to See Writing on the Wall

One media member labels Woods “aging.”   Another says a sponsor forced him to play the DC National.  Yet another points out that Woods has not won a major since Dr. Galea was busted, then labels him cold, manipulative, and shallow.

Not a good week for Woods.

A Kenyan news outlet tells it like it is, “Aging Tiger adapts to injury, young foes”:

Woods has not won a major title since the 2008 US Open, a six-year drought.

From Fox Sports:

Woods’ hand was forced on two fronts.

First, his tournament, at Congressional Country Club, has a new title sponsor.

Woods has disappointed sponsors before, but these days they’re harder to come by and he wants to get off on the right foot given the importance to his foundation.

From the Washington Times:

Major sponsors ran from him, and he was exposed. All that was left was Tiger the guy, and who likes that guy?

The road has been rocky ever since. Phil Mickelson wasn’t the first PGA major winner questioned by federal authorities. Tiger, before Phil, was questioned by the feds in June 2010 for his involvement as a patient of Dr. Anthony Galea, the Canadian doctor arrested and convicted for illegally peddling performance enhancing substances. Tiger hasn’t won a major since and has broken down physically.

Stripped of the greatness that defined him — 14 major tournament wins and an aura of invincibility — Tiger was left with himself, and it wasn’t pretty. He was seen as a cold, manipulative shallow figure, still defined now by the Thanksgiving 2009 night when his wife, Elin Nordegren, chased him out of his Florida mansion with a golf club.

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