Golf Channel Hits New Low (and that is not easy to do)

Golf Channel does not even try to hide their agenda.

Going to the Golf Channel for golf coverage is like going to Rush Limbaugh for news coverage.  Joseph Goebbels spewed less propaganda than the Golf Channel.

Consider today’s Morning Drive.  They opened with five minutes on Michelle Wie. Makes perfect sense.

Next they moved to Tiger Woods.  Tiger Woods??  Incredibly, they devoted a segment to Tiger Woods before they even mentioned Kevin Streelman winning the Greater Hartford Open with birdies on the seven final holes, something that’s never been done before. As Golf Channel likes to say, at least when Woods is involved, Streelman “made history.”

After a commercial break, they finally got around to Streelman. Of his mind-blowing finish, Chris DiMarco said, in a lifeless monotone, “It was pretty cool.”

Had it been Tiger Woods who came from way back to win via seven straight birdies, DiMarco and gang would have been orgasming, but since it was Kevin Streelman, it was treated as if it happened every day of the week.

Golf Channel has progressed from propping up the bogus Tiger Woods image to actively tearing down and minimizing other players.  Woods winning by a wide margin was always “historic” and “dominant.”  Martin Kaymer doing the same is described as “boring.”

Saying anything positive about other players contributes to the erosion of the Tiger Woods Bullshit.  There are distinct taboos.  Never, never say, “Kevin Streelman willed those seven birdie putts into the hole.”  If you can’t refrain, phrase it this way, “Streelman almost seemed to will those putts in — the way Tiger Woods so easily does.”

Check out this nugget of propaganda straight out of Goebbels’ playbook: Damon Hack was discussing Michelle Wie’s win and said, paraphrasing, “Will her win be a lasting moment or, with Tiger Woods coming back, will it quickly be forgotten?”

Talk about the media trying to shape the public’s perception!

A person could as well have said, “After Michelle Wie and Kevin Streelman’s wins, this ninth or tenth Tiger Woods ‘comeback’ bores me to tears. I’m sorry guys, but he hasn’t won a major in six years.  How many times can we cry wolf?”

A little later, David Feherty appeared on the show and called himself “the ultimate Tiger Woods fan.”  What the hell? Feherty, have you forgotten what Geoff Ogilvy wrote last December?

“Journalists and broadcasters should not be mere cheerleaders. There’s too much of that in golf right now, to be honest. And not nearly enough untainted honesty. “

This morning, Feherty tells us he is the ultimate Tiger Woods fan, and then he tells us he thinks Woods will win this week. Untainted honesty? How about complete bullshit? Ogilvy’s criticism precisely described Feherty: a cheerleader who flees from honesty.  And, I might add, a man whose schtick is well past its expiration date.

No wonder golf has lost 5 million participants in the “Tiger Woods Era.”  Thanks to the golf media, golf is losing its legitimacy.

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2 Responses to Golf Channel Hits New Low (and that is not easy to do)

  1. Anonymous says:

    lanny you are the only one that will say those things but everyone I know thinks them

  2. Anonymous says:

    You have once again out done yourself. I have been following your articles for some time now and I grow more and more impressed with each one. Once again you are right on the mark. I watched Morning Drive this morning also and felt like vomitting. I know i’ve said this before but today was the last straw. I too have grown quite annoyed with Feherty’s schtick (its old and its not funny anymore) but for him to say “Tiger has a history of rehabing perfectly, I can promise you he will be in phenominal shape, this is a man who won the U.S. Open on a broken leg, and his father being in Special Forces I believe rubebd off on him, that’s why he leaks this propoganda and plays head games with the media.” I feel so bad for Michelle Wie and all the other men who play the tour week in and week out, they are constanty brushed aside and overshadowed by this sort of poor reporting. A person could shoot three staright 59’s and the headline of the day would be: “Tiger Woods Switches Putter”. The day golf journalism/reporting died in my view was back in 2008 When Tiger was out and Johnny MIller said, “Are we going to have to put asteriks next to the winners name because Tiger wasn’t in the tournament?” Nothing for nothing but I won’t be tuning in this week.

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