What in the world is going on at Pinehurst!

Take a look at this morning’s scores!  What have they done!  The course is set up tougher than it was for the men last week!

Four players are already double-digits over par.  Only five players are under par, and none of them are in the clubhouse.  I suspect no better than E will lead tonight.

Brittany Lincicome is having a great round, currently -2 for the day.  If she posts that, she’ll make up a lot of ground.  Mariajo Uribe and Na Yeon Choi would be my two picks to lead come nightfall, but they both have about nine more holes to go.  It will be very interesting to see if Lewis and Wie can continue the momentum they built up yesterday.

Remember when Cheyenne Woods won a small event in Australia early this year, and Golf Channel played it up as the biggest thing ever to happen in women’s golf?  I wonder how they feel now to see Woods tied with 11-year-old Lucy Li.  [For the record, I think Cheyenne Woods is nothing but class, and she seems to politely distance herself from her uncle.  I hope and expect there are great things ahead for her both in golf and in life.  My ridicule is aimed expressly at the Golf Channel and their All Tiger (or his niece!) All The Time mentality.]

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One Response to What in the world is going on at Pinehurst!

  1. kando53 says:

    Was thinking that myself during the entire first round, and partly during the second one. For starters the pin placements on many greens seemed exceedingly close to the fall-off lines. Secondly, despite the fact that they supposedly watered the greens the night before I thought that they were playing much faster than the men had them for the first two days. The women playing in the afternoon really had it tough with the soaring temps, and speedier greens. The greens also didn’t seem nearly as soft as the announcers were claiming they were supposed to be. The greens look much more receptive today, so wondering if they got a lot of water on them over night.

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