Notes While Waiting for Godot (well, Kaymer) to tee off

Bragging on myself:  Steve Elling, the world’s greatest and gutsiest golf writer, recently retweeted a witty remark (dare I say) of mine.  It’s heady stuff to visit, however briefly, the upper stratosphere of golf journalism.

Must Reading: I stumbled upon this article I had bookmarked but forgotten.  It sums up my view on golf courses, costs, participation, etc.  I thought the part about “graduating” was perfectly put.  I’d love to hear what readers think, especially if you disagree (because I can’t imagine why anyone would).  Does he accurately capture your own thoughts?

Geoff Shackelford:  Another golf writer I’ve recently taken an interest in is Geoff Shackelford.  I understand he has a background in golf course design and construction, and his views on such things as pull carts (he likes them)  and distance balls and clubs (he doesn’t) strike a chord with me.  He is far more polite than I could ever be, but he doesn’t seem to suffer fools any more gladly.

Josh Sens Update:  We recently acquired a comment from Josh Sens — hats off to a reader — regarding his infamous $15 billion number.  Watch for an upcoming article.

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