Sports Illustrated Analyst Swings and Misses

This article by an SI “legal analyst” is worth reading, but I’m flummoxed how guys getting paid for their analysis so consistently get things so wrong.

I can’t tell you how many times I’m seen articles that don’t make the distinction between Clorox options and Clorox stock.  It’s the difference between betting someone it will rain at least five inches in Miami in 2014 and betting it will rain five inches in Miami on the 4th of July.  One would require knowledge of Miami’s weather, the other knowledge of, well, some pretty remarkable inside information.

Here’s another common mistake, from the SI legal analyst:

The statute of limitations on insider trading is five years, which means the government only has until 2016 to act against Mickelson.

We don’t know everything the FBI/SEC have on Mickelson, but we do know there are at least two incidents, Clorox and Dean Foods, the later taking place in August of 2012.  Over and over again, I see articles that completely ignore Dean Foods.
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One Response to Sports Illustrated Analyst Swings and Misses

  1. Bermuda Bob says:

    Many too many times “analysts” are paid to offer an opinion that is coveted, as opposed to what the “analyst” actually thinks !!!
    Just look at the political news … Do you really think so many of them support the idea they espouse, as opposed to the one they are hired to express ???
    Sports is no different …

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