Insider Trading Probe is not Phil Mickelson’s first connection to scummy businessmen

Phil Mickelson is currently in the news for an FBI insider trading investigation, but this is hardly the first time Mickelson has been linked to shady businessmen.  Two years ago, we wrote about Mickelson’s personal relationship with Bob Diamond, who was forced to resign from Barclay’s after the company was found guilty of manipulating worldwide interest rates.  Mickelson consistently defended Diamond.

A year-and-a-half ago, Mickelson made embarrassing headlines when he very publicly pouted about California state taxes.   (Last time I checked, California did not have border guards keeping residents from moving.)

It may turn out that Tiger Woods is only the second-biggest phoney in golf.

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2 Responses to Insider Trading Probe is not Phil Mickelson’s first connection to scummy businessmen

  1. Anon says:

    I hope phil sues you for every penny you have but you don’t have many. you are looser who is jealous of phil’s accomplishments. why don’t you shut your mouth, we are sick of you. go away because you don’t konw what you are talking about

  2. Nate says:

    The truth is rich folks have INSIDER INFO…This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone….This is ESPECIALLY true with politicians….It’s not a coincidence that Obama is now a multimillionaire from knowing where to invest…They can set policy, then put all their funds towards what they KNOW will be the future law ect…….Phil would have similar access, as would an Eldrick or entertainers, ect. to what politicians would know, since they tend to hang out….Remember Bernie Madoff, who was demonized after he got caught, said the government is one big Ponzi scheme….. Frank Sinatra had close ties with the Kennedy’s and the mob…..Nothing has changed with money, just the characters……

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