Tuesday Thoughts: May 13, 2014

Stephanie Wei Deserves a Photography Pulitzer: A simple photo of Martin Kaymer at the airport, but it speaks volumes.

Jason Sobel Finds An Acorn: Whenever you hear something about a rash of “first-time winners” causing the PGA Tour this year to be “boring,” you know what’s really being said is, “Hey, everyone, I found a new way to write about Tiger Woods while claiming I’m not writing about Tiger Woods.”  At any rate, I kept seeing this first-time winner stuff used to denigrate the state of golf in 2014, so I took five minutes to compare 2013 to 2014.  There were actually more first-time winners last year than this.  I commented on that a time or two with the intention of writing about it in detail later.

When the time arrived to write the piece, however, while searching for  examples of the many golf writers who bitched about “first time winners” this year, I came across an article by Jason Sobel wherein he already did, basically, what I had planned to do.  A very pleasant surprise.  He shies away from direct criticism — perhaps he’s written about “first-time winners” himself, I don’t know  — but he makes the point that the this year’s version of the golf media’s “golf needs Tiger” whine (my description there, not his) is bunk.  He really hits the nail on the head here:

Based on the collective objection that this year’s PGA Tour winners are largely unknowns and journeymen, I crunched some numbers to see how they compare with last year’s list to this point.

What I found will probably surprise you.

Then he shows the details.  Sobel makes a great point, politely slamming the parrots in the golf media who repeat each other even when the originator is wrong, but, praiseworthy as this piece is, he delivers the information in an article of questionable format.  After a headline which is an indirect slam on the PGA Tour, he says (as a setup, but the tipoff doesn’t come until well into the article, after many readers will have bailed) that “the PGA Tour has been a tedious hodgepodge of snoozer Sundays.”  So, he bashes the 2014 Tour (with irony, but you only learn that later) before he makes the point that it shouldn’t be bashed.

Why beat around the bush?  Be direct: Make your point; bash the writers.  But, then, six or eight of those golf-writing parrots sit in cubicles adjoining his, so I guess I should cut him a little slack.

We all know, that for the talentless in the golf ranks, the world revolves around Tiger Woods, so, to them, golf articles must always be either (a) Tiger Woods is doing well, or, (b) Tiger Woods is not doing well.  And if “b,” they must whine about it.  This year, the fashionable whine is too many “first-time winners” — even though last year, a year they loved, had more.  Sobel does a fantastic job of forcing them to face reality.  Hats off to Sobel.

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2 Responses to Tuesday Thoughts: May 13, 2014

  1. Anonymous says:

    Southwest actually ran a few commercials with Jeff Overton and Aaron Baddeley and NetJets can’t endorse every player, although they do have a lot it seems like.

    The information on the first time winners is interesting but not that surprising. Just seems like more given that TW/Phil haven’t been putting up w’s in between as Sobel points out.

  2. Bermuda Bob says:

    Simply stated, if you are having problems with the wide variety of winners on Tour these days, you are not a true golf fan and probably do not play regularly.

    You also do not understand that today’s Tour Pro does not grind week in and week out as they did in yesteryear when guys like Jack, Arnie, Lee, et al played.

    Today’s Tour Pro, except for the Majors, plays when the location, travel, and family dynamics make sense. Rarely do Tour Pros play courses that do not suit their game. This is even more important when Jim Furyk admitted that SawGrass did not set up for him but he was playing because it was a local and many fans expected to see him in the Field.

    The bottom line is that the “Old Guard” is, well, getting older and less competitive, which is only natural. It is a tenant of my TW “Toast” Theorem, but for some reasons, some can’t handle the truth. I gather that those who though he was going to remain competitive ad nauseum, even after his “double life of debauchery” caused his very public divorce, and all the other ridiculous work-out regimens, were either in denial or so totally leveraged that they find anyone who dare tell the truth of today’s Tour is committing an anathema.

    Get over it folks !!! If you, like all the rah-rah idiots who are steadily declining and going back to the stadiums where they have always belonged, don’t enjoy pure golf then you will have to do like Tom Rinaldi (TW’s personal interviewer) and go find something else to cover !!!

    I, for one, have found myself watching more and enjoying the hell out of it !!!

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