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Tiger Woods is Back — And Going for Two Straight!

Tiger Woods stands on the cusp of another historic first.  If he can continue his solid play one more day, he’ll clinch his second consecutive MDF.  Advertisements

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Suck Contest: PGA Tour Website vs OWGR Website

What’s going on with golf websites this year?  Just when you think OWGR did the worst “upgrade” humanly possible, PGA Tour

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Thursday Thoughts: Olympics Golf, Honda, Clemens, Lerner, Fowler

Golf in the Olympics:  Anyone who cares about golf in the Olympics is rather easily led; a lot of crooked financial advisors would love to have your ear.  Olympic golf has all the significance of, oh, holding

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Propaganda Run Amuck: Golf Channel = Goebbels Channel?, or, A Tale of Two Tournaments

It was the best of tournaments, it was the worst of

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Tuesday Thoughts

Kyle Porter on Aging Tiger Woods: Go immediately  to CBS Sports and read Kyle Porter’s new piece about the effect of aging on PGA Tour golfers.  Porter says “we need to start thinking of [Woods] as a rich man’s Hunter … Continue reading

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Lanny H Golf Site Web Conversion en français

Contrairement à mes collègues écrivains de golf américains, je ne suis pas coincé dans le passé. Bien

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OWGR Insanity, or, How to Artificially Inflate Tiger Woods’ OWGR Ranking

Can someone explain to me why the Tiger Woods (fill in ever-changing corporate sponsor here) Challenge off-season 18-man casual outing tournament awards more OWGR ranking points to the

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