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Rory McIlroy: Titleist’s Quarter Billion Dollar Ad Campaign

You’ve heard the joke a thousand times.  How do you turn a Buckeye/Wolverine/Aggie/Longhorn/Trojan/Bruin into a millionaire?  Give him $2 million and wait a year. Now we have another joke in that vein:  How do you create a Top 500 golfer?  … Continue reading

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Tiger, Sergio, Fried Chicken, and Choking and Slapping Women

Much has been made of Sergio’s uttering of a racist joke at the expense of Tiger Woods.  In response to a question about Tiger Woods, Sergio said he was going to have him over for a fried chicken dinner.  That … Continue reading

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Phil Mushnick on Tiger Woods Media Coverage

Phil Mushnick pulled no punches in today’s column.  He makes points which are obvious to honest people, to people with an IQ above room temperature, but which the golf media denies daily.  It’s must reading. No excepts; you need to … Continue reading

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College Professor’s BS Claim about Tiger Woods and Television Ratings

Here’s how Forbes describes Patrick Rishe, who recently wrote an article for them (“Tiger Woods Escaping Disqualification means CBS, IBM Escape Ratings Downfall“): Patrick is an Economics Professor at the George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology at Webster … Continue reading

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More USGA Nonsense about the Non-DQ of Tiger Woods

Still trying defend their indefensible decision to not DQ Tiger Woods at the Masters, the USGA has released a statement including this: In deciding to waive the disqualification penalty, the Committee recognized that had it talked to Woods – before … Continue reading

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Michael Rosenberg is Gaga for Tiger Woods

Sometimes you read an article that is so asinine, you can’t help but comment.  Sports Illustrated’s Michael Rosenberg gave us this, concerning Tiger Woods at the Masters and his non-disqualification : Actually, I think most people are reasonable about this. … Continue reading

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Oostie: “Definitely a DQ!”

Louis Oosthuizen puts it as bluntly as it can be put: “[Tiger Woods] got the rule wrong in the way he dropped,” Oosthuizen said. “I don’t think he did it intentionally. But after signing the scorecard, it was definitely a … Continue reading

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