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Rory Nike

Rory Nike is the talk of golf.  In one of the most telegraphed moves in sports marketing history, Rory McIlroy is hooking up with Nike.  It’s not official yet, but it won’t be long. I wrote an earlier piece about … Continue reading

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Can Rory McIlroy Save Nike? Is Rory’s Money Grab Good for Golf? Did Nike throw Tiger Woods under the bus?

Can Rory McIlroy save Nike? Rory was Nike’s last chance for Nike Golf. With Tiger Woods now the proverbial turd in golf’s punch bowl, Nike’s golf division has been on death watch for three years. Without Rory, it was only … Continue reading

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Tweet from Steve Elling Yesterday

In case you missed it, Elling tweeted this: Career first: Just applied for a credential to cover the Euro Tour’s Race to Dubai finale. Using the parlance of the Brits, I am chuffed.

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Hank Haney will be at tonight’s Notre Dame-OU game!

Hank Haney will be in attendance at tonight’s big NCAA college football game in Norman, Oklahoma.  I hope Coach Stoops has the decency to offer him a popsicle.  Else Hank will have to wait for his cup of soda to … Continue reading

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Bartiromo CNBC Interview of Tiger Woods Puts Spotlight on Adler, Fuse Science

Maria Bartiromo’s interview of Tiger Woods on CNBC last Friday has created a lot of interest in Fuse Science (DROP).  Despite Fuse Science being Tiger Woods’ bag sponsor since late 2011, many people are just now learning of the company. … Continue reading

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Tiger Woods, Adam Adler, Brian Tuffin, Fuse Science and CNBC, Maria Bartiromo interview

Here are a couple of facts regarding Fuse Science, Tiger Woods’ bag sponsor. You draw your own conclusions: About a month ago, on September 21, Fuse filed a report with the SEC making this announcement: On September 20, 2012, the … Continue reading

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Is Tiger Woods Involved with a Pump-and-Dump Company? Does Fuse Science Smell Like a Scam?

[Note to readers: I wrote this a year ago today, so why it is my top story today, I have no idea.  I have not made any changes to it or anything, and, even if I had, it should have … Continue reading

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