Rory is an International Treasure

Did any of you watch Rory McIlroy’s press conference today from Augusta?  The kid is so fun to watch.  He’s so honest.  Open up “Breath of Fresh Air” in Wikipedia, and you’ll find Rory’s picture.  (Unless the moderators have removed it again; I keep uploading it, but they are trying my patience!)

Anyway, the highlight to me was the cell phone incident.  Rory is so open and gives off such positive vibes that people can’t help but love him.  His joie de vivre is infectious.  Here’s a nice synopsis of what happened from the AJC.

I’m trying to locate some video.  If I can, I’ll post a link here.  [Here ya go: from the Golf Channel, this should take you right to the incident.]  If I do, notice how embarrassed Rory is, and how truly flustered he becomes for a moment, and then notice the hand from the left of the screen coming in to grab his shoulder and let him know everything is cool.  Even the staid old men of Augusta with their funeral demeanors are not immune to Rory’s love of life.

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