Make Me Pay Current Commitments

For 2018:

  • Every Rory, Jordan, or Rickie Fowler major win: $100
  • Rory or Jordan or Rickie winning the Grand Slam: $600 (in addition to above)
  • Every Jordan OWGR win over four: $50
  • Every Graeme McDowell win: $100

Another one, added on 3/21/2018, after having it in years past, but skipping it this year due to Rory going winless last year (which made it seem kind of inappropriate):

  • Every Rory OWGR win over four: $50

For 2017:

  • Every Rory or Jordan major win: $100
  • Rory and/or Jordan winning Grand Slam (individually or combined):  $600 bonus, bringing total to $1000
  • Every Rory sanctioned win over four: $50
  • Every Jordan sanctioned win over four: $50


We started Make Me Pay in 2014 or 2015.  We’ve had to write a check, with pleasure, to St. Jude Children’s Hospital ever year but one.

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