For My Dad

To those who say Lanny H Golf has lost its edge, screw you and go to hell. Continue reading

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The Reason You WILL Watch the Tournament of Champions

No golf fan will miss this year’s Tournament of Champions.

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OMG!!! Kim Kardashian did WHAT on the Golf Course???

This is totally insane.  And kind of awesome.

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Big Changes Coming in 2017

In an effort to regain relevance in a world that has passed it by, Lanny H Golf will be undergoing changes effective January 1, 2017.

If you can’t beat them, join them.  And Lanny H Golf simply cannot compete with the modern websites provided by Golf Channel, Golf Digest, and the other big boys.  Bottom line: we must change with the times if we are to survive.

About time, Lanny, right?   So, what are we actually going to do?

We are going to take the best of what the premier golf websites do so well — and try to do it even better!

And, by the way, we are also going to remove the restrictions on all comments sections.  My father always felt readers were two rungs shy of pond scum, but that kind of antiquated thinking has no place in today’s world.  All opinions will be welcome: there are no right or wrong answers.

Now, I must stress a point to make sure there are no hard feelings or misunderstandings:  I was born on third base.  I know I did not hit a triple.  My father created this website, and I am proud to continue the tradition.

However, you can continue tradition while modernizing, and that is exactly what Lanny H Golf intends to do.  We hope you choose to travel with us into the future.

The future. Beginning in five days.

Lanny H, Jr.
Lanny H Golf (family-run since 2011)
“Where Golfers Gather”

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Choo Choo! Tiger Woods Jumps on Trump Train!

All abooooooooooooaaaaaaard!!

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Rory, Jordan — You guys need to win in 2017

Hey fellas, these commercials make me feel guilty.  Lanny H Golf wants to make a donation in 2017.  Win some majors, how ’bout it!

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Rory and 2017 Wedding

Rory McIlroy is going to get married “in 2017.”  Here’s hoping he means early in 2017.  As in the end of 2016.  A Christmas wedding would be nice.  At any rate, I hope he weds before he plays an event.  I want to write a nice check to St. Jude’s in 2017, and Rory’s results help determine that.  It’s also been too long since I was looking for an appropriate Banksy creation to mark another Rory major.

Let’s get all the distractions out of the way now and focus on golf next year.

Here’s a nice article from the Irish Sun about Rory’s plans.

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