Jimmy Walker Night at Lanny H Golf

Be sure to watch “Hubble’s Cosmic Journey” on Nat Geo tonight.

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Monday Thoughts

Frustration Town: The PGA Tour had the third best event this weekend.  The LPGA tourney, which ended on Saturday night, was far and away the best.  S.Y. Kim’s win can’t be topped when it comes to drama.  Then there was the Euro Tour event in Shenzhen, China, where Kiradech Aphibarnrat battled a 19-year-old Chinese youngster in a playoff.  Think the crowd had a favorite there?

Perhaps I’m being unfair to the PGA Tour event.  After all, it too had a playoff.  The real problem was that the tournament was not televised live.  Moving up the start times was the right decision, but I sure wish they’d moved up the television coverage time as well.  Tape delay in 2015 doesn’t get the job done.

So I “watched” Harbour Town via the PGA Tour’s online leaderboard, using ShotTracker and Play-by-Play.  The problem there is that the quality of the leaderboard has fallen dramatically over the past two years.  As you scroll through the names, advertisements constantly pop up to obscure the screen.  There are also periodic freeze-ups which last for several seconds.

I understand the need for advertising, but there is also a need to advertise your own product.  A quality, advertisement-free online scoreboard would be more beneficial than the endless promos the Tour runs during television broadcasts.  There should be an effort to ensure consumers associate a quality, enjoyable experience with your product.  That’s no longer the case with the PGA Tour and their online leaderboard.  I’m left feeling their goal is to expose me to the maximum number of intrusive advertisements per visit.

On a more general topic, two recent trends have really lessened the usefulness of the Internet: (1) Intrusive advertisements; (2) The focus on “mobile devices.”

Stupid Golf Media #1:  When did golf interviews become marriage counseling sessions?  If I hear one more question about how a player felt after winning or losing, I’ll puke.  If there is any question that doesn’t need to be asked, it’s that one.  When you accomplish a goal, you feel good.  When you don’t, you feel disappointed.  It’s been that way throughout the history of mankind and will always remain that way.  Also, golf media, winning an event doesn’t turn a player into Nostradamus, so stop asking, “What do you think this win will do for your career going forward?”

Stupid Golf Media #2:  A reader recently remarked upon this: the golf media’s obsession with fist pumps.  What’s with this childish fascination with “reactions”?  When a player pumps his fist, or smiles, or grimaces, it invariably leads to a conversation about “showing emotion.”

Is this an appeal to the “casual golf fans”?  Are they so stupid they can’t understand that controlling your emotions is one of life’s key ingredients to success?  When a decision goes your way in a business meeting, do they think an “in-your-face” victory dance is the best path to future success?  If a decision goes against you, should you throw things and sulk?

I think it’s residuals from the Tiger Woods nonsense.  “Him wear red shirt!”  “Look him jump around on green!”  “Him hit shots no one hit cause him Superman.”  It’s like five-year-olds doing a broadcast for three-year-olds.  Damn, give us a break.

It’s as if the golf media is trying to “educate” the players and viewers that golf needs NFL sack dances and NBA chest thumping.  Listen, those are things dumb people do.  Sorry, if that hurts anyone’s feelings, but you know it’s true.  Golf appeals to a different demographic.  Stop trying to turn golf into hockey.

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[Spoiler Alert: It looks like today’s Harbour Town action will be on tape delay due to weather.  I will likely be discussing the tournament in real-time here, so if you plan to watch on TV this afternoon without knowing the result ahead of time, avoid the live blog just below this article.]

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Sunday Thoughts/Harbour Town Semi Live Blog

10:20 am Update Continue reading

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For the first time in television history, a network (CBS) displayed during a golf telecast a graphic not designed to glorify Tiger Woods.  Here’s the skinny:

Most 1st and 2nd place finishes prior to age 22:

Jordan Spieth: 10
Tiger Woods:   7
Sergio Garcia: 6

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  Let us hope this astonishing development marks a return to honest golf coverage, the likes of which we have not seen in two decades.

Hats off to CBS!

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Saturday Thoughts: Harbour Town Semi Live Blog

3:32 pm Update:  Jordan willed the ball onto the green, then willed the ball into the cup.  Birdie!

Merritt playing so well and building up such a lead, it’s impossible to root for his demise.

Wow, as soon as I typed that, he pulled a ball into the water.

3:28 pm Update:  Jordan banks an approach shot off a tree, hits the green.  No other player in golf history could hit that shot.  He willed that ball onto the green.

1:45 pm Update:  Jordan bounces back with a birdie on No. 2! (after bogey on No. 1…)

9:50 am Update:  Anirban Lahiri is -3 through six holes…  I have been hearing so much about the NFL draft, I assumed it was today.  No, it’s still two weeks away.  Enough already….  Jordan tees off in 3-1/2 hours.  To get you there, Morning Drive into Golf Central Pregame into live coverage. Continue reading

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Lanny H Film Festival: Two American Classics

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