Jackie Gleason Inverrary Classic Semi Live Blog


Tiger Clobbers Rory; Graeme Tied With Tiger; Ben Silverman Falls Flat

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  • On Sunday night, will will this tournament be renamed the InverRORY Classic?
  • East Coast Golf: It’s just better.  I love golf on the west coast, but pro-ams, multiple courses, poa annua grass, and endless waits (for much of the nation) for the first tee time, along with the logistical headaches caused by the short winter days (which also take away the possibility of prime time golf), well, in the words of Joe Ely, “I’m glad to see you coming, I’m glad to see you go.”
  • East Coast Golf: I wake up early and yet players are already on the range preparing for the day.  I am rushing to finish this before the first players go off.  Looks like I have about 30 minutes.  The attendant mottos are more to my liking: Early to bed, early to rise.  Early bird catches the worm.
  • We’ll be watching Rory, Graeme, and Ben this week.  Is this Sergio’s first U.S. start?  Why, yes it is.
  • Justin Thomas has been a monster since missing three consecutive cuts midway through last year.  Of course, the same could be said for DJ, who around that same time missed two cuts with a T54.
  • Name of the Week: Dylan Frittelli.
  • Woods grouped with Brandt Snedeker and Patton Kizzire, so they have backed off a bit from the marquee grouping of Woods.
  • Decent field, but weakest in three weeks. The L.A. Open was SOF 500, this one and Pebble just short of 400.
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Inverrary Classic Preview

[Note: I have applied for a job at PGATour.com.  As part of the interview process, I was asked to write an article.  My first attempt was deemed boring and old-fashioned, so I incorporated their suggestions into a rewrite.]

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L.A. Open Semi Live


Is Bubba the Greatest Between Norman and Spieth?

Bubba Watson has now won the Masters twice and the L.A. Open three times.  He’s a bomber off the tee and a shotmaker.  We simply have not seen those traits in anyone of his generation other than Bubba.

Woods?  Never won on a shotmakers course.  I’ve wracked my brain and cannot come up with a candidate who can compare.  Let’s make it official:

Hogan->Palmer->Nicklaus->Norman->Bubba->Spieth Continue reading

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Pebble Beach Semi Awake Blog

Sunday: Nothing to say about this stinker of an event, so I’ll move on to next week’s L.A. Open.  Happy to report Graeme, Rory, and Jordan are all playing again.  (After all, they provided so much excitement this week.)  Maybe Graeme can get his game together at Riviera, where shot-making matters.  Oh, I almost forgot: I turned on replay coverage for a few minutes last night and caught a Spieth interview wherein he said he was sick most of November and December, so his game is behind schedule.  Which was — sorry you were sick and all — rather comforting to hear.  Here’s the full field at GNN.  (Remember, no dunderheaded player photos at GNN!)  Fourteen of the top twenty-five players, so an even stronger field than this week.  No top three, but 1, 3, and 4 is not far off.  Last year, the L.A. Open was the 13th strongest event of the year; not too shabby, eh?

Very Important Note: While looking at the list of last year’s strongest tournaments, I encountered #8, the Northern Trust.  I literally had no idea when/where/what tourney that was.  Now, why might I have been confused?  Well, the Northern Trust used to be, in the quite recent past, the L.A. Open, which is now the Genesis, and so now the Northern Trust is who-the-frack-knows-what tournament — even though it’s one of the strongest of the year.

Readers, I promise you: This year I will make a reference chart of real tournament names vs shithole tournament names.  Example:

    Real Name            Shithole Name
Los Angeles Open          Genesis Open

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Phoenix Open Semi Live Blog

6:18 pm:  Woodland prevails! Continue reading

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More NFL Apologist Lies

From Recode:

MoffettNathanson, like most sober analysis of NFL ratings, doesn’t blame the ratings decline on the Trump/Kaepernick/anthem controversy, since there’s zero evidence people actually tuned out for that reason.

Again, this can be infuriating — until you realize it is spin. Continue reading

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Dubai, San Diego Semi Live Blog

Sunday   Monday

It’s Mon…  DAY!!!

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