Florida Citrus Semi Live Blog

6pm update: Surprise of the Day:  My biggest surprise of the day was how both Bryson and Henrik spun their wheels on a day when almost everyone was going low.  It was also odd how little coverage Rory got (at least when I was watching) for a guy who shot -5 and now sits two or three back heading into Sunday.  It’s not just that NBC puts all their eggs in one basket, it’s that they think only one basket exists. Continue reading

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Tampa Bay Classic Semi Live Blog

Sunday Night Wrap:  Casey wins.  Graeme gets respectable T40.  Sam implodes on final holes with a triple bogey and a bogey on the 72nd, thereby missing, by a single stroke, the T10 and auto-entry into next week’s event.

I gave up on watching golf early in the GC broadcast.  I didn’t even attempt NBC.  GC showed Woods walking around a green for about ten minutes — never once mentioning he’s slow, the way they always do Kevin Na — then Woods finally decides to putt and leaves it six feet short of the hole.  Great television, eh?

Actually, the leaderboard is a great way to follow.  You can color-code your favorites so they stand out.  Then work on something fun like, I don’t know, your tax return, checking in whenever you want to take a breather.

By the way, I had an idea the other day for improving GC’s ratings, though perhaps not pleasing to their sponsors.  The idea?  Take live calls from viewers.  I’d love to ask about Woods’s slow play, and I’d love to ask about ball (and club?) standardization.  The callers could bring up the interesting topics the GC employees simply will not (or are not allowed to). Continue reading

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Phil Mickelson: Greatest Of All Time

It’s time to give Phil his due.  He’s the best ever. Continue reading

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WGC-Mexico Semi Live Blog

[Don’t forget: Coming this week, as promised: Mathematical proof that Phil is the Greatest Of All Time.]

PHIL! Continue reading

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Professional Golf Headed to “Shithole” — Lanny H Calls for Boycott/Move

“being compared to some of the worst slums in the world”

“drug needles, garbage, and feces”

“300 piles of feces throughout downtown”

“once fecal matter dries, it can become airborne, releasing potentially dangerous viruses, such as the rotavirus” which “can prove fatal”

“half of his street cleaning budget – about $30 million – goes towards cleaning up feces and needles from homeless encampments and sidewalks”

Continue reading

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Lanny H Calls To Ban Golf Events in “Shithole” Locations

The golf world is filled with regret this week. Continue reading

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Sunday Semi Live Blog – Inverrary

J.T. Wins!!!!! Continue reading

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