PGA Tour Travels From New Orleans to Charlotte

Bobby Wyatt finished fourth at the New Orleans Open and collected a check for $336,000.  So where have you heard that name before?  Well, if you like golf and have an IQ greater than room temp

Inside Baseball — File under Sounds Like A Personal Problem:  When I started this blog, WordPress made it very convenient to edit and update.  Now, after several rounds of “improvements” over the years, it’s worse than it has ever been.  Little by little, we have lost control and functionality.  We once could easily use very large, colored typefaces.  We recently lost flexibility regarding external links.  They force us to jump through hoops in order to use the old editor everyone prefers.  We’ve seen a slow, steady drip of such “improvements.”  It’s not horrible.  Yet.  But why change convenient things to make them inconvenient?  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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High Drama Monday Action

New Orleans Open shortened to 54 holes due to weather, and now there is a playoff.

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“It’s Not Like It Used To Be”

That’s a line from the movie The Last Waltz.  The cameraman has started a discussion about how The Band in the early days used to constantly jam.  He’s trying to get them to start such a jam as the band prepares to play its last concert prior to dissolving.  One member tries to start something, but no one’s heart is in it, and the music fizzles out almost immediately.  Robbie Robertson remarks, desolately, “It’s not like it used to be.”

I met a friend for lunch in a part of town I once frequented.  I’ve been thinking about getting a new pair of FootJoys, so on my way home I stopped at a golf chain store where I spent many a dollar back in the day.  A friend and I used to eat lunch then fill up the remainder of our hour at the music store, the bookstore, or the golf store.  The music stores (there were two, one with CDs, the other guitars) and bookstore are long gone.

I pulled into the parking lot and for a moment I thought the golf store had shut down, too.  There was a single car in the parking lot.  I spotted four cars off to the side of the store: the employees’ cars.  One of them pulled out, headed to lunch, as I walked toward the front door.

An employee shouted a greeting as I entered.  I told him I was just looking around.  Two employees swapped golf-related stories with each other the five minutes I was in the store.  Another fiddled around with a bag hanging on the wall.

I used to get impatient waiting to be helped.  The lunch hour was always hectic with people rushing in and out.  Today it was a ghost town.

It’s not like it used to be.

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Pro Golf Tournament Semi-Live Blog: Screw The Olympics

Hi.  What I want to talk about is golf in the Olympics, which is a very stupid idea.  It’s a (theoretical) money grab by the golf industrial complex.  The players don’t really care about it, and quite a few have said they will not be attending.  Good for them.  Add to that the Zika virus problem which could cause lifetime complications for a player who is only playing because pressure was put on him to play.  Also, any players who praise Olympic golf are lying even more than they lie about the Ryder Cup.

We at Lanny H Golf called the Olympics a bad idea from the start.  We were right, and each day’s news cycle makes it more obvious.

Olympics = Big Deal for…

  • Women’s gymnastics
  • Track and field
  • Swimming
  • Skiing
  • Skating
  • Curling

Olympics = Not even on the radar for fans of:

  • Horse-racing’s Triple Crown
  • Daytona 500
  • Super Bowl  (there will be NFL preseason games getting higher ratings than Olympics golf)
  • World Series (What?  You say baseball is an Olympic sport.  No, they canned that.  Seems no one gave a shite about it.  Gee, who would have predicted that…)
  • Wimbledon, Australian Open, French Open, U.S. Open tennis
  • Indy 500

There are other examples in both categories, but that’s enough of a sampling to make the point.

Let’s be honest regarding golf.  Winning a event is more important and beneficial to an aspiring golfer than “winning a medal” at the Olympics.  Not only is the Olympics a nothing event for golfers, it’s also a weak event.  The is far tougher to win, and people joke about it and the fall events.

If golf is to be in the Olympics, it should be limited to only amateurs.  Of course, the entire Olympics should be limited only to amateurs.  The way it once was.

The best golfers from a nation should not be made to attend the Olympics.  The worst players should.  The Olympics (with its zika virus) is punishment, not reward.

Screw NBC who is trying to foist more of their bullshite on the golf world.

Do you think golf will be better or worse in 2018 if Rory, Rickie, Jordan and Jason are all sitting at home, watching golf on TV, thanks to the zika virus, infected while playing in a meaningless event?

Players, if you don’t want to go, don’t go.  Don’t let sponsors or NBC — nor anyone else, including empty-headed flag wavers — push you into playing.

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Escaping the ‘Crap Trap’

The Information has an interesting article this morning: Escaping the Digital Media ‘Crap Trap’ by Jim VandeHei.  It’s about the Internet’s race to the click-bait bottom.

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Sneak Peek at AxlC/DC!

Last night at Coachella! (where the Bob Hope Desert classic is played)

I swear I didn’t know about this when I wrote my earlier post!!!  Axl just has the perfect voice for it.

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Axl Rose to Fill in for Brian Johnson (who has hearing concerns)

First off, best of luck to Brian Johnson with his hearing problem.  Let’s hope he fully recovers.  AC/DC became a different band after Bon Scott’s death, and, thanks to Brian Johnson, not a lesser one.

When it comes to a replacement on the current tour, I don’t think AC/DC could have done better than Rose.  These AxlC/DC shows will be insane.  I don’t know if AC/DC has been playing “Riff Raff” on recent tours, but, if not, I hope they revive it.  Seems like a perfect fit.

When I heard the news, two songs immediately sprang to mind, “Reckless Life” and “Riff Raff.”  Listen to the two songs and then tell me Axl isn’t the perfect fit.

Can’t leave out Brian Johnson:

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