Jordan Spieth Leads Heading Into Sunday

America’s Golfer looks to win another major





Revenge of the “EuroTrash”


jalnichols: “Does anyone actually think that guys like Lahiri, Jaidee, Gallacher, Bjorn, Jimenez, Warren, and Grace would be able to achieve what Snedeker has playing on the PGA Tour? I think it’s pretty unlikely; those guys feast on the weaker European/Asian Tour events.

LannyH: “The author [jalnichols] asks if Lahiri, Jaidee, Gallacher, Bjorn, Jimenez, Warren, and Grace would be able to achieve what Snedeker has playing on the PGA Tour [then] says he finds it “highly unlikely.” Why so unlikely when 5 of those 7 finished ahead of Snedeker at last year’s British Open?  You don’t get on the Euro Tour by sending in proof-of-purchase seals from a sleeve of Titleists.

By the Way: Brooks Koepka, who just won the U.S. Open in a cakewalk, was an American member of the EuroTrash Tour.

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The Media is Even Worse Than Trump Says

So some guy posts a Continue reading

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It Happens Again and Again



So I have pretty much zero interest in the tournament this week.  I check the leaderboard today, and the names are not grabbing my attention at all.  Until…

Spencer Levin is in the clubhouse at T-4, two back of a struggling leader, so Levin should definitely be in the hunt tomorrow.  I’m still rooting for him to get a Tour win.  I feel the world will be out of balance until he does.

Oh, my.  I notice Kyle Stanley is two shots back of Levin and T-7.

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Sunday Travelers Semi Live

J O R D A N    S P I E T H !

Moves to OWGR #2 (I think)

5:30 pm Update: Jordan’s Ball Wills Itself Into Hole!  Leads by One!

Why has the Internet become so incredibly awful?  I pull up the leaderboard to see today’s tee times.  It’s too early for them to be on the leaderboard itself, so I planned to take the tee time link from that page.  Only there isn’t one.  Not that I could find.  After several minutes of searching, I find it.  Then, when I go to the page, I find not a convenient 12-inch list of players and tee times, but page after page after page of player photos.  Because, of course, I’ve forgotten overnight what the players look like.

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Cleaning Up, Semi Live, Etc.

6:00 pm:  Can’t say I approve of Golf Channel booting the LPGA in order to cover the Travelers finale (that CBS jettisoned).  I’d rather see the Travelers, true, but it’s the wrong thing to do.

Okay, split screen is okay.  I can accept that.

  • I just took out the sidebar links for major tournament odds.  I wasn’t keeping them current, anyway.  These days everyone roughly knows what the odds are for any given player, so there’s not much demand for them.  At one time, people were interested in the routinely bizarre odds listed for Tiger Woods.
  • I plan to add a Make Me Pay link.  That way I can recall what I’m on the hook for regarding donations to St. Jude Children’s Hospital instead of having to spend fifteen minutes doing website searches every time I wonder.
  • So Rory made the cut, and Jordan leads.  Might be a worthwhile weekend after all.  I had not even seen the field until Friday morning.  Nice surprise.
  • If you haven’t heard or read the Bob Dylan Nobel Laureate Lecture, it’s worth the time.  He did a good job.
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Sunday U.S. Open Semi Live Blog

7:45 pm Update:  Well, Koepka certainly wasn’t my favorite, but he played better than anyone else, that’s for sure.  And he paid his dues on the Euro Tours, so there’s no begrudging him this victory.  I thoroughly enjoyed the event, and I think it was in large part due to Fox’s coverage. Continue reading

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Saturday U.S. Open Semi Live Blog

7:25 Update: I don’t think playing with your “buddy” is ever good with the possible exception of Thursday and Friday.  I think playing with someone you don’t talk to, or feel the need to talk to, is best.  Well, now — thanks to Fleetwood on No. 18 — it doesn’t look Continue reading

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