Thursday Colonial Semi Live

Best golf course on Tour.  Jordan defending.  Does anything more need to be said?

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Huge Fan of Wikipedia, But…

It has been pointed out that I incorrectly wrote this was the next-to-last year for the Byron Nelson to be played at the Las Colinas Four Seasons TPC course when in fact it was the final year.  Here’s why I was mistaken:  Wiki compare of recent changes for the Byron Nelson golf tournament entry.

I was misled by a careless Wiki editor!

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Sunday Byron Nelson Semi Live Blog


All the makings are in place for a barn-burner finish today.  Can’t wait.  Jason Day two back, Sergio and Cauley (who salvaged yesterday’s round after losing three strokes in two holes) are only four back.  If the leaders stumble even a little, it opens up the tournament for a lot of players.  If Hahn or Horschel win, that’ll be okay, too.  Both have good stories.  I’m a real fan of Hahn — who quit golf at one point and was selling shoes.  DJ is probably too far back; he would have to pass 18 players who are up to six shots ahead.  The course is  not difficult enough for a 62 to pass everyone.

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Saturday Byron Nelson Semi Live

2:49 pm  Game on!

Kokrak Holster (as Stephen Colbert would say, not me) off to a horrid start, +3 after five.  Jason Day -5 after ten, Cauly -2 after five.  Bottom line: Kokrak has a one-shot lead over four guys, two shots over another four.  It’s going to be a barn-burner.  DJ heading the wrong way today and sits four back, though it’s early yet and he is still much in the race.

2:10 pm

Bud came to play today.  A birdie on No. 4, and stiffs one on No. 5.  DJ with an early bogey on No. 3, a long hole where one would think he’d have an advantage on the field.

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Friday Byron Nelson Semi Live Blog

5:06 pm

Jordan swings twice, misses cut.  Two consecutive OB tee shots.  On No. 16.  The hole I was so incredulous that Poulter could have gone out of bounds yesterday.  The announcer today agreed with me, saying that, until Spieth today, he didn’t think he’d ever seen a ball hit OB over there.  The fairway is wide, then there is a wide rough with trees in it.  Jordan hit two in a row into somebody’s backyard.  Incredible.  He likely won’t make the cut now.  He went from two inside, to on the cut line, to two outside with two errant swings.  Cauley will be my rooting interest this weekend.  Sergio is eight back, but only four out of third, so he’s in the hunt, barring Kokrak staying hot and running away from the field.

4:45 pm

Jordan “Mister Bogey” Spieth playing like crap, but Bud Cauley is putting together another good round.  In a lot of ways, I think this tourney is DJ’s to lose.  I say that because I don’t see any holes on the course giving him much.  Two bogies in two days, one on a par 3.  The other was on No. 10.  Can’t imagine what happened there other than a poor drive putting him behind a mesquite resulting in a missed green.  By the way, one of Jordan’s bogies was a three-put from 29-feet, with a miss from 3-1/2 feet.

Jordan just birdied No. 10, so there’s hope yet.

2:04 pm

Jordan birdies first hole!  Sits T15.  GC will begin coverage in… a couple of hours.  Seriously.  No idea why so late.  Great comeback round by Sergio this morning; I guess he’s not so tired as I speculated.


  • I wonder if Sergio is running out of gas.
  • How the heck did Poulter double No. 16?  That may be the easiest hole on the course.  The answer —  that he hit his tee shot out of bounds — raises another question: How the heck did Poulter hit his tee shot out of bounds on No. 16?  That means his ball wound up in somebody’s back yard.
  • Thanks for all the great help in finding shoes/steel spikes.  What a great help are my readers.
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Assorted, Including Thursday Byron Nelson Semi Live Blog

Lanny and Poulter:  Just read Poulter tried to send a tweet to Brandel Chamblee (defending himself against ignorant Chamblee commentary) only to find he was blocked.  I’m in good company!  I was blocked for pointing out Tiger Woods could not “go back to the Butch swing” due to injury — and that Woods himself made that absolutely clear!  But Chamblee wasn’t going to let fact get in the way of his narrative, so he blocked me.

Asian Bias Followup:   In the golf world, there are very few players one is allowed to criticize.  Tiger Woods was one of the slowest players on Tour, but there was a hands-off policy towards him.  Which player, in contrast, was constantly blasted for slow play?  Kevin Na, an Asian.  Of course, then there is the women’s Tour, where clearly the announcers favor big Nordic women.

Help:  I need golf shoes with steel spikes.  I need them not for golf, but for working on hilly terrain.  I assume I can buy golf shoes and switch out the spikes, but I have no idea which replacement spikes fit what shoes, etc.  I pulled the steel spikes from one pair and tried to put them on another pair, but they were different sizes?  If someone could tell me which steel spikes would fit a new pair of Footjoys, that would be very helpful.  (Steel spikes can be hard to find, but I do see them on eBay.)

The Byron Nelson:  I’ll be sad in many regards to see this tournament move, but it is probably necessary.  This year and next does it for Las Colinas.  The Byron Nelson-Colonial fortnight used to be the heart of the Texas Swing, but the Houston Open seems to have eclipsed either of those events, and with the addition of the WGC Matchplay in Austin and the Doral moving to Mexico City, the Nelson and Colonial don’t have much of a “swing” feel at all.  The Tex-Mex Swing has superseded not just the Florida Swing, but the old DFW Texas Swing as well.

Sad Music News:  Chris Cornell dead at age 52.

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Is American Media Racist Toward Asian Golfers?

Si Woo Kim smashed the record for the youngest winner of The PLAYERS, and yet the American reaction has been a great big yawn.

I use Google News for most of my general news browsing when online.  They have a “Top Stories” section which in past years invariably had an entry for “The Players Championship.”  This week I did not see it once.

Google News also has a section for “Top Sports Stories.”  That way sports stories do not have to compete with that year’s Trump or Comey or anything else from the real world.  Just sports.  However, this week, I never saw an entry in the sports section for the Players, either.

The media once put a live camera on an empty parking space reserved for Tiger Woods.  An in-contention Phil Mickelson is plastered all over the place.  Oh, but they are Americans.  Well, I’m old enough to remember when Greg Norman, a foreign player, was the darling of the American media.

Know This:  Tiger Woods won the Masters at age 21.  Si Woo Kim won the Players at age 21.  The Players has both a bigger and a stronger field than the Masters.  It’s not even close.  Simply put, Kim’s accomplishment at Sawgrass yesterday was greater than Woods’s at Augusta.

So, tell me.   Is Si Woo Kim getting more or less coverage than did Tiger Woods in 1997?

I’m tired of excuses.  American media, it’s time to end your ugly racism.

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