So… why the fuss?

So tell me, why the big fuss about the Ryder Cup?  It couldn’t have anything to do with NBC and the money they pay for broadcast rights, could it?

What reason do golf fans have for caring about the Ryder Cup?  In my opinion, there isn’t one.  It’s a super-hyped Tavistock Cup.

I’m glad Golf Channel covers it live, but, man, the two-year buildup is tedious beyond description.

But help is on the way: Lanny H will soon be a part-owner of Comcast — and I will not be afraid to make my opinions heard!


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Ryder Cup Saturday (running post)

6:30 Update

When Lanny Talks, People Listen:  My advice was taken regarding the uniforms of the two teams.  Today the Americans are dressed in blue sweaters and blue hats, the Europeans in white hats and white shirts.  Viewers can actually distinguish between the two teams!

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Exile Tom Watson? Not as crazy as you think.

Everyone single person I spoke to today said the same thing: Tom Watson should Continue reading

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Mahan Redemption? No, Mahan Redux.

You thought Hunter Mahan’s chip to lose the Ryder Cup in 2010 was bad?  Well, that looked like a Seve Ballesteros short game Continue reading

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Both Teams Dress in Blue, White, and Gray

For some reason, the Americans are boycotting red.  Viewers are Continue reading

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Unburdened by Tiger Woods, U.S. Grabs Lead at Gleneagles

Tom Watson told Tiger Woods, “Thanks, but no thanks,” and it is proving to be the right decision.  After the morning rounds: U.S. 2.5, Europe 1.5.

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LANNY CALLS IT!!! — “Spieth-Reed strikes me as a 7 and 6 match”

With his latest display of golf acumen, the Legend of Lanny H continues to grow.  Lanny consistently displays a level of understanding far surpassing all other commentators.  By calling this blowout result, Lanny has established himself as the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Lanny made this Immaculate Prediction on the CBS Golf website.

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