All the Lanny Bashers are Going to Shit a Brick — I broke biggest golf story of the year in 2014

I was browsing Geoff Shackelford’s website just now and came across a piece about’s most read stories of the year.  What was the top story?  “Report: Woods paid Galea $76K for 14 visits”

As regular readers know, I’m the one who broke that story, or perhaps more accurately, pointed it out to the world.  I read the book Bloodsport the day it was released and immediately saw the discrepancy between what Hank Haney (and Woods and Galea) told us about the number of visits Galea made to Woods’s residence and what the book reported.  I contacted Hank Haney, and, within a couple of hours, Golf Digest (which employs Haney) printed an article on the matter with a comment from Haney.  Golf Channel followed up on that.

I broke the biggest golf story of the year, all from this joke of a website.  The government damn well better increase my grant money for 2015.  I’m the best golf reporter in the world, dammit, and I shouldn’t have to live in my parent’s basement.

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Lanny H — The Year in Review

Sherlock Holmes Award: An inconvenient truth that would otherwise have “gone unnoticed” was brought to the attention of the world by our own Lanny H.  Spotting the discrepancy between the “four or five” private visits voiced by Tiger Woods, Hank Haney, and Anthony Galea — doping doc extraordinaire —  and the 14 documented visits in the book “Blood Sport,” Lanny reached out to Hank Haney for comment. Haney ran to Golf Digest and, within a couple of hours, had them publish his comments regarding the discrepancy.  Haney has changed his tune from I don’t think Woods took PEDs to Who knows?

Tournament of the Year: The Duel in the Desert. This was the most dramatic tournament I’ve seen in my life. Jason Day was able to hold off Victor Dubuisson in the final of the World Match Play Championship, a match extended time and time again as Dubuisson saved pars with insane chips from impossible desert vegetation.

And it wasn’t just the final round that made this event the best of the year.

Runner-up Tournament of the Year:  The BMW Masters in Shanghai.  It would be hard to match the final round of this tournament for storylines and drama.  Marcel Siem won in sudden death — with a dramatic chip-in — over two players who reached the playoff in very different fashions.  Ross Fisher shot the best round of the day and charged to the top of the leaderboard.  Alexander Levy shot one of the worst of the day and squandered the 5-shot lead with which he began the final round.  Justin Rose and Jamie Donaldson stayed in the hunt all day, both coming up one shot out of the playoff.  Low key Brit announcing helped this late-season dark horse shine.  Levy was disappointed that day, but he had a great season overall and has moved from #600 in the world less than two years ago to #53.   You should be seeing him in the World Match Play this year, along with the other WGC events.

I’m-Shocked-Shocked-I-Tell-You Award: In May we learned that Phil Mickelson was being investigated by the FBI for insider stock trading. The golf media — surprise, surprise — tried to play down the gravity of the situation.

You’re Making No Sens Award: Josh Sens got a lot of media attention by creating a bogus meme that Tiger Woods’s injury would cost the golf industry fifteen billion dollars. He credited a Brad Adgate of Horizon Media for this factoid; I contacted Adgate for clarification, but he failed to respond.

Later in the year, I asked Mr. Sens about the matter during an online chat he hosted. Sens seemed to throw Adgate under the bus and wash his hands of the entire matter. He expressed no remorse.  I sensed he was telling me: Hey, I was  just funnin’ ya.  (Lately I’ve heard rumors Rolling Stone asked Sens if he thought fifteen billion rapes was a reasonable number for the fraternities last year at UVA.)

Rory: Enough said.

Well, I will say one thing.  Doesn’t the Honda Classic won by Russell Henley in a playoff over Rory McIlroy and two others seem like a million years ago?  Recall Rory’s troubled 2013, with only a late-in-the-year win at the Australian Open offering much in the way of encouragement.  His first 2014 result in the States was a second-round exit from the World Match Play.  His next U.S. event was the Honda Classic, where, I’m sure you remember, he hit a tremendous second shot onto the green of the par-five 72nd hole, giving him an eagle putt for outright victory.  He missed, then lost in the playoff, but that second shot gave us a peek at the fireworks that, unbeknownst to us, were only a few short months away.

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Rory Better Than Woods Ever Was, Colin Montgomery Blasted for Stating Obvious Truth

Rory is far superior to Tiger Woods.  The matter is not even worthy of discussion.  Look no farther than their results in majors.

They have both been in the field at 21 majors.  Rory won three of those events; Woods has won zero.  And Rory basically threw four majors out the window with his equipment change.

If you ask me, Monty didn’t go far enough.


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Kelly Tilghman has lost all touch with reality, must be fired — NOW!

Kelly Tilghman, who must consider herself not a golf journalist, but a Tiger Woods PR lackey, is now in denial about something as obvious as Tiger Woods’s height.  Here’s the precise wording from her Golf Central interview of Jordan Spieth:

Tilghman: You’re starting to draw comparisons to the man who hosts this golf tournament.  Not so much in stature, some have said, you know, you don’t bring the physical presence of a Tiger Woods…

Spieth: That’s not nice.

Tilghman: … a tall, strong, and powerful figure.

Again, look at this photo of Spieth and Woods standing side-by-side.  Woods is — are you paying attention, Kelly Tilghman? — slightly smaller than Spieth.

Tiger Woods_Jordan Spieth

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Who are you going to believe, Golf Channel or your lying eyes?

I heard a strange remark yesterday on Golf Channel; it was a teaser about an upcoming segment where they intended to discuss how Jordan Spieth could win even though he lacked Tiger Woods’s physical stature.  I didn’t stick around to hear the discussion, but the remark  struck me as odd because, well, take a look for yourself:

Tiger Woods_Jordan SpiethAs you can see, Jordan is actually a little bit bigger.  He is taller, his head is larger, his neck broader, these things showing a stronger underlying bone structure.  The forearms and wrists are at different angles, but it appears Jordan has a slight edge there as well.  You can quibble about this feature or that feature, but the point is the guys are almost the same size, with Jordan being ever-so-slightly bigger.  And Jordan didn’t have to “bulk up”; he’s at his natural size.

So how does Golf Channel decide Spieth lacks Woods’s physical stature — when Spieth is actually larger?  This is the stupidest thing ever.

I forgot all about the matter until very early this morning when I was flipping through the sports channels and noticed Jordan Spieth being interviewed by Kelly Tilghman and two others on a repeat of yesterday’s Golf Central.  Not fifteen seconds into my viewing, Kelly stated that Jordan was accomplishing a lot even though he lacked Tiger Woods’s physical stature.  Jordan, ever the gentleman, joked, “That wasn’t very nice,” but he must have been flummoxed, as he obviously knows Woods is slightly smaller.  It would be surreal, if it weren’t standard operating procedure for Kelly Tilghman and golf channel.

I was pleased that Jordan called her out on it.  He did it gently, smoothly, but he didn’t let Tilghman’s remark go completely unchallenged.

Tilghman needs to be fired or reassigned — remember this incident?  — but I think Golf Channel’s All Tiger All The Time act has driven away viewers to the point where they are just going through the motions now.  I don’t know the precise situation at Golf Channel, but I do know the promises of the new media revolution, with its possibilities of detailed coverage for the “expert fans,” has been a major disappointment in the world of golf (and elsewhere).  More on that later.

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Wanna See My Scar?

Okay, I’ll confess:  I happen to think Jordan Spieth is a fascinating story in golf.  Jordan Spieth interests me the way Tiger Woods did in 1998.  There, I admitted it.  The guy was making the cut in PGA Tour events when he was 16.  And now he’s about to win two tourneys in a row.  For some bizarre reason, that makes me want to watch him and hear discussion about him.

So how come when I turn on Golf Channel, it’s always Tiger Woods?  Several times today, I’ve turned to GC to hear about Spieth.  Every time they’ve been discussing Woods.  Every freaking time.  So I turn back to football and forget all about golf.  CBS Golf’s website covers golf with the same approach as GC.  With CBS, it’s either Tiger or Trick Shot Videos or an animal doing something odd on a golf course.  That’s it.  Oh, wait, I forgot articles about golfer’s pants and shirts and shoes.

Where is the real golf coverage these days?

Who the hell still watches this Tiger Woods nonsense?  The guy is in last place in this event, hasn’t won a major in six years (Rory has won four in past four years), and is 39 years old.  He’s no longer a big deal.  I’m sorry; he just isn’t.

Stephen A. Smith pointed out that Tiger Woods is embarrassing himself now.  TGC and CBS and the rest of the media are worse embarrassments.  Smith pointed out that Woods is not even a shell of his former self, yet the golf media continues to pretend Woods is the only game in town.  The media coverage has become as distasteful and mind-numbingly boring as those people who think the world wants to see the scar from their latest surgery.

There is a meme the golf media pushes:  Tiger Woods, you either love him or hate him.  That’s not true.  He’s like Kim Kardashian.  I don’t give two shites about her, and I don’t want her being discussed when I’m trying to enjoy sports.

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Reed 63, Woods 70: If Reed isn’t a Top Five golfer, what then is Woods?

Golf media, isn’t it finally time to admit defeat and stop living in the past?

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